'I Already Knew Who Was Behind Her': A Mysterious Woman, a Top Russian Official, and Contracts Worth Millions

A mysterious woman negotiates state contracts for a major security company and owns firms that do lucrative business with the help of Russia’s Interior...

Crime, Corruption and Coronavirus

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Gabon’s First Family Stashed Cash in DC Property

Gabon's ruling Bongo family and their inner circle have bought at least seven properties worth over US$4.2 million in and near the U.S. capital, a destination whose ...
23 Nov 2020
Pierre Dupont, Roshanak Taghavi, and Kira Zalan

Prevezon Holdings: The Black Money Collector

A small Russian-owned real estate investment company based in Cyprus leaves an unusually large footprint in stories about global crime and politics.
17 Nov 2020
Paul Radu, Dmitry Velikovsky, and Olesya Shmagun

'His Murder Is Necessary': Man Who Exposed Kyrgyz Smuggling Scheme Was Hunted by Contract Killers

A money launderer told journalists what he knew about a secretive smuggling empire and a senior Kyrygz official who enabled it. Now, leaked documents shed light on ...
10 Nov 2020
OCCRP, RFE/RL, Kloop, and Bellingcat

Luxury London Residence of Azerbaijan Official’s Son Purchased With Mysterious Payment to Shell Company

After a Turkish conglomerate won a major contract to build a dam in Azerbaijan, a mysterious $3 million was sent to an offshore firm — which then ...
3 Nov 2020

Ask OCCRP: Our team answers questions from OCCRP Accomplices

Every quarter, OCCRP journalists will answer questions from members of our Accomplice program about what they’ve been working on. Donate today to submit questions for the next ...
2 Nov 2020

Hunter Biden Partner Secured Millions for Fund from Businessman with Reputed Organized Crime Ties

Hunter Biden’s longtime business partner, Devon Archer, secured nearly $3 million for a technology investment fund from a Syrian-Ukrainian businessman accused of ties to organized crime. The ...
1 Nov 2020
Graham Stack




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