Unorganized Crime: Narco-Cats and the Plot Against the Internet

Giant clam shells, cyberattacks against Dutch cheese distributors, cats used to smuggle drugs into prison, and the man who tried to ‘blow up the internet’ — OCCRP’s Daily News team here with your regular roundup of oddities from the world of corruption and organized crime.

NGO: Chinese Banks Must Stop Laundering Wildlife Traffickers’ Money

Activists fighting against the illegal trade in endangered species of both plants and animals have called on Chinese banks to prevent illegal wildlife traffickers from exploiting their networks to launder money. Otherwise those banks will risk greater scrutiny and pressure from foreign governments.

Civil Society Groups Urge the UN to Fight Global Graft

Nearly a hundred civil society organizations have urged the United Nations to form a special expert group that will “tackle transnational, large-scale and high-level forms of corruption” which is threatening the world’s peace and prosperity, Transparency International said Tuesday in a statement.

RSF: Press Freedom Deteriorated During Pandemic

In over two-thirds of the world, the media is “constrained,” “seriously impeded” or “totally blocked,” and since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, journalists have been harassed, imprisoned and killed, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) concluded after reviewing press freedom in 180 countries.