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Published: September 11, 2023

Are you ready to venture into the shadows? Dirty Deeds: Tales of Global Crime & Corruption is a gripping podcast that delves deep into the realm of investigative journalism, unraveling hidden stories of jaw-dropping fraud and deceit.

Every other week, we'll bring you reporting from some of OCCRP's most important investigations, showcasing the work of our worldwide network of journalists who cross borders — and bad guys — to shine a bright light on some of the world’s most dangerous criminal networks. We’ll travel the globe from the oil fields of Venezuela to the rosewood forests of Namibia to the steppes of Central Asia. And don’t forget the posh London real estate where much of the dirty cash ends up. These are the inside stories of how the powerful, unscrupulous, and well-connected can acquire unimaginable wealth — and of what it takes to expose them.

Dirty Deeds is hosted by award-winning journalist and broadcaster Nick Wallis. Follow OCCRP on X, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to get the latest updates.

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The Episodes

Episode 7: How Did Venezuela’s Oil Riches End up in Swiss Banks?

Repressed by Venezuela's government on one side. Muzzled by Swiss banking secrecy laws on the other. Yet against these odds, a team of reporters exposed how corrupt Venezuelan elites stashed stolen oil profits in Credit Suisse accounts.

04 Dec 2023 Read more

Episode 6: Sanctioning an Oligarch is Not an Easy Task - Searching for Usmanov’s Millions

20 Nov 2023 Read more

Episode 5: Russian Meddling in Catalonia - A Playbook In Destabilization

09 Nov 2023 Read more

Episode 4: Exposing a Former Czech PM’s Offshore Finances

24 Oct 2023 Read more

Episode 3: Bleeding Trees - Tracking Illegal Loggers in Namibia

10 Oct 2023 Read more

Episode 2: The Beirut Blast - The Events That Led to the Lebanon Port Explosion

26 Sept 2023 Read more

Episode 1: How Azerbaijan’s Ruling Family Launder Their Millions

12 Sept 2023 Read more

Podcast Credits

Dirty Deeds: Tales of Global Crime & Corruption is a Little Gem production for the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project.

Host: Nick Wallis

Producers: Lindsay Riley and Ollie Peart, with production and research support from Phoebe Adler-Ryan and Riham Moussa, at Rethink Audio

Design: James O’Brien

Promotion: Kathlyn Clore, Lauren Jackman, and Samuel Brooke

Web: Mark Nightingale

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