How to Become an OCCRP Whistleblower

Have information that could expose wrongdoing? Want to blow the whistle on corruption? We need you – and we’re committed to keeping you safe.

As reporters our job is to keep the powerful accountable, but we can’t do that without evidence. If you have access to documents proving corruption, crime or abuse of power, send it to us. As a source, we will do everything to keep you anonymous and take full precautions in communications and the editing process.

OCCRP is willing to investigate evidence of corruption provided by whistleblowers. At OCCRP, we can’t arrest people. We can’t indict them. But we shine a light on the corrupt, the thieving, the greedy and the heartless. We can fight for equal and fair resources for all. We can separate civil society from uncivil society. It’s our job. Help us to do it better.


SecureDrop is a secure, encrypted system that allows anyone to send information and documents to OCCRP journalists. It relies on Tor anonymity software to protect the sender’s identity and location by masking computer IP addresses. The SecureDrop servers are under the physical control of OCCRP and submitted content is decrypted with a computer that is not connected to the internet. SecureDrop is a service of the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

To submit to OCCRP through SecureDrop, click here.

Mail us the evidence or leads

Post your documents or tips by mail to the following addresses:

Journalism Development Network
Sarajevo 71000
Bosnia and Herzegovina
RISE Project
Casa de Modă Venus Building,
Calea Victoriei Street, No. 21,
Floor 5, Sector 3,
030023 Bucharest

Send OCCRP an encrypted email

If you send us an encrypted e-mail, bear in mind e-mail subject lines are not encrypted therefore send us an encrypted e-mail without a subject line to one of the following recipients in any language:

Why us?

In the hands of our team of trained researchers and journalists, information can make a difference. We call on you to help us by providing information on rigged tenders, frauds, scams, corruption, environmental disasters and abuses of power. If your tips and data could change the status quo, or even save lives, we want to hear about it.

Corruption is an endemic problem that hurts us all. But it needn’t be. If people stood up to those in power who are getting wealthy off the country’s wealth, we’d have less corruption. We all need to do our part. We need to do the right thing.

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