British American Tobacco Fights Dirty In West Africa

Billions of cigarettes, most made by BAT, are smuggled north through Mali every year on their way to the gray markets of the Sahel...

Crime, Corruption and Coronavirus
OCCRP Person of the year

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Raimbek Matraimov’s Mysterious Shopping Spree

After agreeing to compensate the Kyrgyz government for years of corruption, the powerful former official went on a last-minute shopping spree, buying up apartments across Bishkek to ...
24 Feb 2021
OCCRP and Kloop

Congo-Brazzaville Strongman Buys Secret Weapons Haul from Azerbaijan

Congo-Brazzaville’s repressive government has quietly bought an arsenal from Azerbaijan. Opponents of President Denis Sassou-Nguesso say one recent cache is designed to tighten his grip on the ...
22 Feb 2021
Khadija Sharife and Mark Anderson

Slovak Businessman Accused of Masterminding Ján Kuciak's Murder Had Judges in the Palm of His Hand

Thousands of Marian Kočner’s text messages, backed by court testimony, provide a remarkable inside look into the rot at the heart of Slovakia’s judicial system. ...
22 Feb 2021
Pavla Holcová and Eva Kubaniova

The Secret Luxembourg Base of Italy’s ’Ndrangheta Mafia

Luxembourg’s company registry turns up firms controlled by people with ties to the ’Ndrangheta. Italian authorities say the country’s secrecy makes it a major draw for the ...
15 Feb 2021
Cecilia Anesi (IrpiMedia), Giulio Rubino (IrpiMedia), Luc Caregari (Woxx), Jérémie Baruch (Le Monde)

Gone with the Wind: Argentina’s Former First Family Used Luxembourg Companies to Reap $70 Million

Data in Luxembourg’s UBO registry may help unlock an investigation into the Macri family’s lucrative dealings in six wind farms.
12 Feb 2021
Antonio Baquero (OCCRP), Nathan Jaccard (OCCRP), Ivan Ruiz (La Nación)

Jet-Setting Venezuelan Businessman in Corruption Probe Linked to Luxembourg Firms

Investigators say they are closing in on Alejandro Betancourt, while his associate Francisco Convit, is on the run. Now, journalists have discovered their holdings in Luxembourg.
11 Feb 2021
Nathan Jaccard (OCCRP), Antonio Baquero (OCCRP), Jay Weaver (Miami Herald), Antonio Delgado (Miami Herald), and Kevin G. Hall (McClatchy)




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