Montenegrin Tycoon’s Lawsuit Against Media Highlights a Trail of Controversial Deals

Leaked bank records show transactions between one of Zoran Bećirović’s companies and a firm at the center of a massive money laundering operation.

Crime, Corruption and Coronavirus
OCCRP Person of the year

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A Successor to Raimbek Matraimov, Kyrgyzstan’s Disgraced Customs Chief, Also Enjoyed the High Life

Not much has changed in Kyrgyzstan’s customs service since Matraimov’s firing and conviction. His successor, Zamirbek Karashev, appears to be part of his network — and his ...
9 Jun 2021
Bellingcat, OCCRP, and Kloop

Above the Law: How a Wealthy Indian Family Evaded Justice

The Sandesara family, on the run from over $700 million in fraud and money laundering charges in their homeland, have been protected by Albania and Nigeria.  
8 Jun 2021
Lindita Çela (OCCRP) and Ushinor Majumdar (Confluence Media)

Webinar with OCCRP’s Africa Team: How Illicit Finance Fuels Corruption and Environmental Destruction on the Continent

Grand corruption in Gambia. State capture in South Africa. Rosewood plunder in Namibia. Azerbaijani weapon deals in Congo. A secret banking network in Angola.
4 Jun 2021

After Corruption Conviction and $24 Million Fine, Matraimov Buys New Penthouse in Bishkek

According to an associate, Kyrgyzstan’s former deputy customs chief had to raise money from friends and relatives to pay the fine. This didn’t appear to prevent him ...
4 Jun 2021
OCCRP and Kloop

Lukashenko Doles Out Prime Belarus Real Estate to Serbian Cronies

Belarus has given away about $1 billion worth of land to construction companies owned by Serbia's well-connected Karić family.
25 May 2021
Stas Ivashkevich (Belsat), Olga Ratmirova (Belsat), Ales Yarashevich (Belsat), and Bojana Jovanovic (KRIK)

Syria’s Reconstruction Tax Props up the Assad Regime

Um Ahmed left everything when she and her four children fled their home in Daraya, south of Damascus — toys scattered around all corners of the house, ...
24 May 2021
Mohammad Bassiki (SIRAJ) and Nick Mathiason (Finance Uncovered)




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