The Cruel Road North

Every year, Latin American smuggling networks exploit thousands of people from Africa and Asia as they try to make their way to the United...

Crime, Corruption and Coronavirus

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Questionable Paperwork Lets Fake and Faulty Masks Flood Europe

Substandard protective equipment for COVID-19 is being sold in over a dozen countries, using misleading certificates produced by businesses in the heart of Europe.
2 Jul 2020
Aubrey Belford, Sarunas Cerniauskas, Matteo Civillini and Ola Westerberg

The Players and the Paperwork: Romania’s Trade in Black Market Masks

Undercover reporters from OCCRP and RISE Romania found a trade run by dealers with ties to organized crime, enabled by shady paperwork and made profitable by unscrupulous ...
2 Jul 2020
Ana Poenariu and Andrei Ciurcanu (RISE Romania)

Kyrgyz Charity Run by Powerful Family Received Suspicious Funds Linked to Murdered Money Launderer

Nearly half of donations received by a well-known Kyrgyz charity run by the powerful Matraimov family have been linked to an illicit underground network.
29 Jun 2020
RFE/RL, OCCRP, Bellingcat, and Kloop

No Transparency in Kyrgyzstan’s Coronavirus Spending

Kyrgyzstan has collected hundreds of millions of dollars to fight the coronavirus pandemic. But how that money is being spent remains a mystery — and even a ...
24 Jun 2020
Alexandra Li

The Spoils of Russia’s Trash Reforms Go to the Well-Connected

Russia’s trash reforms were meant to close old landfills and introduce new waste management technologies across the country. But a year-long investigation by OCCRP member center IStories ...
23 Jun 2020
Roman Anin

Behind Vale's Deadly Dams, a Wave of Lobbying

Angelica Andrade will never forget January 25, 2019, the day her sister died. A member of a rescue team walks next to a collapsed tailings dam owned by ...
17 Jun 2020
Maurício Angelo




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