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  • Pakistan’s Corruption Rating Plunges in TI Report

    In a major blow to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s anti-corruption drive, the global corruption watchdog Transparency International has ranked Pakistan as 140th of 180 countries on the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) for 2021.

  • India Shuts Down Kashmir Press Club

    A press club within the Indian-administered Kashmir region was forcibly taken over on Saturday by pro-government journalists and police before being permanently shut down by authorities.

  • Pakistan: Local Lawmaker Under investigation for Murder of Reporter

    Media in Pakistan cited police investigators on Monday saying that an amateur video reporter, who posted videos of Arab dignitaries from the Middle East on illegal hunting trips in Pakistan, was killed two weeks ago while trying to escape from the house of a local lawmaker in the southern port city of Karachi, where he was forcefully kept and tortured.

  • The Pandora Papers — A Test for Authorities Worldwide

    Since The Pandora Papers were unveiled less than 10 days ago, their findings have become the subject of European Commission media briefings, state leaders’ press conferences and government statements, while the world watches on to see what authorities will actually do.

  • U.S. Returns Trove of Looted Antiquities to Pakistan

    U.S. authorities returned to Pakistan 104 artifacts that were among thousands of antiquities looted from Asian countries and seized from New York art dealer Subhash Kapoor, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office said last week.

  • Pakistani TV Host Suspended after Criticising the Military

    A Pakistani TV channel suspended the host of a popular political talk show after he criticized the country’s powerful military for its role in censorship during last week’s protests that were prompted by the latest attack against journalists.

  • Another Pakistani Journalist Attacked for His Reporting

    Three unidentified men broke on Tuesday into the apartment of a prominent Pakistani journalist who has been criticising the government and the country’s powerful military, tied him up and beat him with a pistol in what appears to be the latest attack against journalists in the South Asian country.

  • Pakistan Criminalizes Criticism of Military

    Opposition leaders and even some ministers in the government of PM Imran Khan have expressed outrage over a new law that allows authorities to jail Pakistanis who criticize or make fun of the country’s powerful military.

  • CPJ Urges Pakistan to Find Killers of Journalist

    A global media watchdog urged Pakistani authorities to investigate last week's murder of a local journalist in the southern Sindh province and arrest the killers.

  • Pakistan Overturns Death Penalty for Mentally Ill in Landmark Ruling

    In a landmark ruling hailed by human rights activists, Pakistan’s Supreme Court on Wednesday overturned the death sentences of two prisoners with mental illnesses after they spent decades awaiting execution.

  • Scared of the Truth: Pakistan’s War on Journalism

    With sweat running down his face and his body aching, Saeed Ali Achakzai asked himself whether he really deserved the beating and the kicking, and this cell with no fan and no drinking water, in what felt like 45-degree heat.

    Pakistani journalists protest in Islamabad, Pakistan, to condemn the death of a journalist, Monday, Feb. 13, 2017. (AP Photo/B.K. Bangash)Pakistani journalists protest in Islamabad, Pakistan, to condemn the death of a journalist, Monday, Feb. 13, 2017. (AP Photo/B.K. Bangash)

  • Pakistani Court Frees Man who was Accused of Beheading US Journalist

    Pakistan’s Supreme Court on Thursday ordered the release of a British-Pakistani militant extremist who had been the prime suspect in the beheading of U.S. journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002. The ruling left the victim’s family devastated.

  • Pakistan Pays $28.7M, but UK Asset-Recovery Firm Wants More

    Although Pakistan last week paid US$28.7 million to a British asset recovery firm it hired nearly two decades ago to find and recover UK-based assets from dozens of Pakistanis, the firm still seeks $3 million in interests and has tried to get hold of London apartments of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif instead.

  • Pakistan Arrests Another Opposition Figure Over Graft Allegations

    Pakistan's anti-graft agency arrested on Tuesday an opposition lawmaker for owning assets that they said he could not afford with his legal income. His allies say the move is part of the government's crackdown against political opponents.

  • U.S. Returns Looted Relics to Pakistan, Threatens Art World with Sanctions

    Pakistan welcomed on Monday the handover of 45 looted antiquities which U.S. authorities seized in 2015 from a New York art dealer and is arranging a special transfer to bring them home.

  • Pakistan Signs Illegal Migrants Repatriation Deal with Bosnia

    Pakistan and Bosnia and Herzegovina’s officials on Wednesday signed in Islamabad an agreement that allows the Balkan country to send back home thousands of illegal Pakistani migrants that got stuck there on their way to western Europe.

  • Pakistan Arrests Opposition Leader over Money Laundering

    Pakistani authorities on Monday arrested the leader of the country’s opposition on charges of corruption, prompting hundreds of his supporters to protest against the latest arrest of a top opponent by the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

  • Pakistani Journalist Faces Death Threats After Exposing General’s Wealth

    A Pakistani journalist said he has been receiving death threats since heexposed the US$100 million fortune the family of one of the country’s most powerful army generals accumulated as he went through promotions.

  • Dozens of Protesters Detained in Pakistan

    Authorities detained 56 members of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz party (PML-N) who on Tuesday clashed with police in front of the government anti-corruption office in Lahore where the daughter of the party founder, Nawaz Sharif, was summoned in a graft case.

  • HRW Urges Pakistan to Stop Using Anti-Graft Body to Harass Opposition

    Human Rights Watch, HRW, hasurged Pakistani authorities to implement the order of the Supreme Court and abolish the country’s anti-graft agency’s power to detain government critics. The global advocacy group also asked officials of the National Accountability Bureau, NAB, who are responsible for unlawful arrests and other abuses to be investigated and prosecuted.

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