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  • Pakistan Signs Illegal Migrants Repatriation Deal with Bosnia

    Pakistan and Bosnia and Herzegovina’s officials on Wednesday signed in Islamabad an agreement that allows the Balkan country to send back home thousands of illegal Pakistani migrants that got stuck there on their way to western Europe.

  • Pakistan Arrests Opposition Leader over Money Laundering

    Pakistani authorities on Monday arrested the leader of the country’s opposition on charges of corruption, prompting hundreds of his supporters to protest against the latest arrest of a top opponent by the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

  • Pakistani Journalist Faces Death Threats After Exposing General’s Wealth

    A Pakistani journalist said he has been receiving death threats since heexposed the US$100 million fortune the family of one of the country’s most powerful army generals accumulated as he went through promotions.

  • Dozens of Protesters Detained in Pakistan

    Authorities detained 56 members of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz party (PML-N) who on Tuesday clashed with police in front of the government anti-corruption office in Lahore where the daughter of the party founder, Nawaz Sharif, was summoned in a graft case.

  • HRW Urges Pakistan to Stop Using Anti-Graft Body to Harass Opposition

    Human Rights Watch, HRW, hasurged Pakistani authorities to implement the order of the Supreme Court and abolish the country’s anti-graft agency’s power to detain government critics. The global advocacy group also asked officials of the National Accountability Bureau, NAB, who are responsible for unlawful arrests and other abuses to be investigated and prosecuted.

  • Pakistan to Formally Investigate Sugar Barons

    Authorities in Pakistan have launched an official probe into the country’s sugar industry following explosive allegations of fraud, cartelisation and corruption that have all but threatened to engulf the country’s government.

  • Journalist Killed in Pakistan After Writing About Graft

    Two gunmen killed a Pakistani journalist who had days before his death criticized authorities in the Balochistan province, accusing them of corruption, a Pakistan-based media and development sector watchdogannounced Monday.

  • Dismissal of Nawaz Sharif’s Judge Could Set the ex PM Free

    The judge who sent Nawaz Sharif behind bars for graft has been dismissed on Friday for violating the code of conduct, which paves the way for the former prime minister to be acquitted and for Pakistan’s political rift to deepen at a time the country is struggling with the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Pakistan: Daniel Pearl Murderer May Walk Free

    A militant extremist previously convicted for the murder of an American journalist may soon walk free after Pakistan’s highest court rejected a government request to suspend the decision of a lower court that cleared him of the crime while he is still in detention.

  • Blood Plasma Black Market Emerges in Pakistan Amid COVID-19 Crisis

    A bizarre black market business developed in Pakistan as desperate families of critical COVID-19 patients are offering thousands of dollars for blood plasma from recovered patients.

  • Sickly Sweet: Pakistan’s Sugar Barons Deny Fraud

    A highly powerful body within Pakistan’s lucrative sugar industry has hit back at explosive allegations of subsidies fraud, as detailed in a recent report that has implicated the country’s government in a massive corruption scandal.

  • Pakistan Court Scraps Tobacco “Track and Trace” Contract

    A Pakistani court cancelled a multi-million-dollar contract for the implementation of a tobacco track and trace system after two bidders complained that the winner was granted preferential treatment.

  • Colleagues Suspect Pakistani Journalist was Killed in Sweden

    Although Swedish authorities said it is not likely that a Pakistani journalist who has been found dead in a river near Uppsala was killed, colleagues and press freedom groups remain skeptical as he had reported about human rights abuses in his native country.

  • Pakistan Quietly Removed Thousands From Its Terrorist Watch List

    Without giving any public explanation, Pakistan removed about 1,800 names from its terrorist watch list since the beginning of March, according to data collected by New York-based regulatory technology company Castellum.AI. 

  • Pakistan’s Opposition Leader Misses Court, Citing COVID-19

    Pakistan’s opposition leader failed to appear in court on Friday to explain how he and his family have amassed billions of dollars during his political career, citing the danger of coronavirus for a cancer survivor such as himself.  

  • Anti-graft Agency Probes Pakistan Water Project

    Pakistan’s anti-corruption watchdog has launched an investigation into alleged corruption and misuse of funds at a multi-million dollar water supply project outside of Karachi after the project’s costs quadrupled.

  • Pakistan Arrests Owner of Media Critical of Government

    Citing decades-old graft allegations, Pakistan arrested the owner and editor-in-chief of the country’s largest media group in a move seen by activists as an attempt to silence media critical of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government.

  • Pakistan Wants the UK to Send Nawaz Sharif Home

    A legal expert said that Pakistan’s chances to make the U.K. send back a former Pakistani prime minister who was convicted for corruption but allowed to visit London are slim and that the request was most likely made to appease his supporters. 

  • Pakistan Detains Another Opposition Leader over Corruption

    An Islamabad court ordered on Tuesday a 13-day custody for an opposition lawmaker who was detained a day earlier over his alleged role in corruption linked to a construction project. Opposition claims this was another episode in the government’s crackdown against political opponents.

  • Pakistan Army Outraged by Former President’s Death Sentence

    The Pakistan government said it wants to remove a judge who headed the panel that sentenced former President and army General Pervez Musharraf to death, because the ruling also ordered his body to be left hanging on a square if he dies before execution.

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