Paradise Papers

  • The Wayward Millions of Lithuania’s Runaway Banker

    Lithuania’s Vladimir Romanov absconded to Russia more than four years ago, leaving investigators grasping to recoup millions they believe he stole from Ukio Bankas. They’re still chasing the money today.

    The London property at the heart of a dispute involving Lithuania’s Vladimir Romanov. (Credit: Edin Pasovic/OCCRP)The London property at the heart of a dispute involving Lithuania’s Vladimir Romanov. (Credit: Edin Pasovic/OCCRP)

  • London Apartments Show Ongoing Ties of Odesa Mayor to Oil Mafia

    Odesa mayor Gennadiy Trukhanov denies links to his former colleagues from the city's notorious "Oil Mafia." But the purchase of a luxury property in London could indicate otherwise.

    Oxford Street, central London. A few minutes’ walk away are a number of properties connected to members of Odesa’s “oil mafia.” Oxford Street, central London. A few minutes’ walk away are a number of properties connected to members of Odesa’s “oil mafia.”

  • The Odesa Mafia’s Secret Flats in London

    In the 1990s, “Angert’s Gang” in Odesa, Ukraine, was a powerhouse of crime. It diverted fuel sales from the reliably corrupt Odesa Refinery, extorted local businessmen, and even arranged the murders of local enemies and politicians.

    Mayor of Odessa, and former member of the "Oil Mafia," Gennadiy Trukhanov.Mayor of Odesa, and former member of the "Oil Mafia," Gennadiy Trukhanov.

  • Romanian Army Land Used by NATO Owned by Friends and Kin of Syrian Dictator

    NATO Exercise

    Land belonging to a Romanian military base used by NATO for sensitive training exercises is actually owned by influential Syrian businessmen related or connected to dictator Bashar al-Assad, a close ally of the Russian government. The unlikely landlords got ahold of the land thanks to the local abuse of laws intended to restore property confiscated by Romania’s Communist regime in the 1940s and 1950s.

  • Switzerland and US Ranked Most Financially Secretive

     The Tax Justice Network released their Financial Secrecy Index on Tuesday, ranking Switzerland and the United States as the top two countries most attractive for tax evaders and money launderers. This is the second time in a row that the US has risen on the index, marking a fall in terms of transparency.

  • Paradise Papers: Billionaire Facing Inquiry by US D.O.J.

    A wealthy Israeli businessman who was implicated in the Paradise Papers leak is being investigated by the Department of Justice for allegedly bribing high-ranking officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Guardian reported Sunday.

  • Appleby Client Linked to Terrorism Funding

    The firm at the centre of the Paradise Papers’ revelations provided offshore services to a bank accused of financing terrorist organisations and the Syrian government's chemical weapons programme, the Guardian reported on Wednesday.

  • Paradise Papers: Head of Angolan Wealth Fund Dismissed

    The president of Angola fired the head of the country’s wealth fund, José Filomeno Dos Santos, after he was named in the Paradise Papers for investing the country’s capital into ventures of personal interest via his friend’s firm, Quantum Global, The Guardian reported Thursday.  

  • Serbian Minister Sues Journalist Over Paradise Papers

    A Serbian minister is suing OCCRP partner KRIK for revealing he owns offshore companies and assets worth US$ 100 million. KRIK’s story is based on the Paradise Papers, a massive data leak from a law firm based in Bermuda.

  • Paradise Papers: Bono’s Lithuanian Company Agrees to Pay Additional Tax

    A Lithuanian business partly owned by U2’s lead singer Paul David Hewson – or Bono – agreed with the local tax office to pay €53,000 (US$63,743) in additional tax and fine after an audit based on Paradise Papers leaks found the business had not paid all of its taxes.

  • Ukrainian Billionaires Exchanged Luxury London Real Estate in Secret Settlement

    Journalists have called the case one of the most expensive in British history: One Ukrainian businessman demanded US $2 billion from two others in the London High Court in a dispute over one of their home country’s largest iron ore processing operations. The three reached a secret settlement several days before the trial. But reporters found the details of that settlement, which involved two high-value buildings in the heart of London, in the Paradise Papers documents.

    London’s Supreme Court.London’s Supreme Court.

  • Pakistan Court Declares Finance Minister a Fugitive

    A Pakistani anti-corruption court on Monday declared the country’s Finance Minister an absconder after he repeatedly failed to appear before judges in a graft case associated to the Panama Papers leaks.

  • Turkey: PM Sues Newspaper for Paradise Papers Report

    Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim is suing ICIJ partner and Istanbul-based newspaper, Cumhuriyet, for revealing his family’s investments in five offshore companies, the newspaper announced Saturday.

  • The Sudden Epiphany of Kazakhstan’s Ex-Oil Minister

    When reporters asked if Sauat Mynbayev co-owns a company that made millions from gas and oil deals with Kazakhstan while he was the country’s oil minister, there was a one sentence reply.

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