In Georgia, an Opposition MP Voted With the Ruling Party. Then His Family Won Two Land Disputes.

In an important vote for new members of a top judicial body, five opposition politicians joined forces with Georgia’s ruling party, Georgian Dream, to...

OCCRP Podcast: Dirty Deeds
NarcoFiles: The New Criminal Order

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Rare Elephants’ Survival Roulette on Kenya-Tanzania Border

Roaming in his natural habitat, Gilgil crossed from Kenya into Tanzania, and paid for it with his life. A herd of super-tusker elephants. (Photo: Aew, Rawpixel)
19 Apr 2024
Georgia Gee

‘You’re Never Too Busy For Your Banker’: How Italy’s 'Ndrangheta Mafia Allegedly Infiltrated Canadian Banks

A faction of the 'Ndrangheta based in Toronto allegedly relied on relationships with staff at two major Canadian banks to facilitate their financial activities.
18 Apr 2024
Brian Fitzpatrick (OCCRP), Robert Cribb (Toronto Star), Jared Ferrie (OCCRP), Alessia Candito (la Repubblica), and Alessia Cerantola (OCCRP/Investigate Europe)

Sanctions Haven’t Stopped Notorious Serbian Arms Merchant Slobodan Tešić

Despite repeated rounds of sanctions, the notorious arms dealer Slobodan Tešić remains a dominant player in Serbia’s weapons trade. A leaked chat and other evidence suggests he ...
10 Apr 2024
Stevan Dojcinovic (OCCRP/KRIK) and Dragana Peco (OCCRP/KRIK)

The Simple Fraud Undermining Europe’s Most Sophisticated Timber Tracing System

Wood that may have been logged illegally is entering the supply chain due to a flaw in Romania’s new digital system to track timber.
8 Apr 2024
Andrei Ciurcanu (OCCRP/RISE Romania)

Solomon Islands PM Has Millions in Property, Raising Questions Around Wealth

The prime minister of the Pacific Island nation has recently gone on a home-building spree, constructing eight valuable new houses in and around the capital city of ...
7 Apr 2024
Aubrey Belford (OCCRP), Dan McGarry (OCCRP), Ofani Eremae (In-Depth Solomons), Charley Piringi (In-Depth Solomons), Gina Maka’a (In-Depth Solomons), and Ronald Toito’ona (In-Depth Solomons)

Rape, Electric Shocks, and Threats of Castration: What Four Ukrainian Men Endured Under Russian Occupation

Men detained by Russian forces in Ukraine say they were subjected to sexual violence and torture.
2 Apr 2024
Yana Korniichuk (, Anna Babinets (, and Ilya Lozovsky (OCCRP)




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