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Sanctioned Businessman Denied Financial Ties to Kremlin-Linked Oligarch Roman Abramovich — But Leaked Documents Say Otherwise

In a first-of-its-kind legal challenge to overturn his sanctioning in the U.K., businessman Eugene Shvidler argued he did not financially benefit from his relationship...

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Abramovich Signed Football Players to “Modern Slavery” Deals that May Breach FIFA Rules

Roman Abramovich acquired the economic rights to multiple young football players via contracts that have since been banned by FIFA. Experts said the FIFA ban may have ...
17 Nov 2023
Tom Stocks (OCCRP) and Pete Jones (OCCRP)

Dangerous Judicial Ruling Against OCCRP Member Center in North Macedonia Erodes Protection for Independent Media

November 10, 2023 - A civil court in Skopje, North Macedonia has ruled against OCCRP member center Investigative Reporting Lab (IRL) and its editor in chief, Saska ...
16 Nov 2023

Abramovich’s Secret Football Payments May Have Breached Financial Fair Play Rules

Former Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich’s offshore companies made backchannel payments worth tens of millions of dollars to football agents, clubs, scouts and directors, leaked documents reveal. ...
15 Nov 2023
Tom Stocks (OCCRP) and Pete Jones (OCCRP)

Cyprus Confidential

New insights into how Cyprus has catered to the rich and powerful — especially Russian oligarchs who used its service industry to manage their affairs.
14 Nov 2023

Cyprus Wing of Auditing Giant PwC May Have Breached Sanctions in Work for Oligarch

Leaked documents show staff at PwC Cyprus hurried to restructure companies belonging to Russian oligarchs as the prospect of sanctions loomed. Now Cyprus says it is investigating ...
14 Nov 2023
Pete Jones (OCCRP) and Graham Stack (OCCRP)

Illegal Shark Fin Bust Leads to Company Owned by Colombian Drug Lord’s Son

In 2021, Colombian authorities seized a large shipment of illegal shark fins destined for Hong Kong. A company owned by the son of the former head of ...
9 Nov 2023
OCCRP, Mongabay Latam, and




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