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Reporting from Exile: A Webinar with Russian Journalist Roman Anin

Russian journalist Roman Anin, the editor in chief of Important Stories (IStories), will participate in a live webinar on July 19 to share insights...

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“Putin’s Dacha” on Lake Ladoga is Growing Under Supervision of Non-Profit Linked to LLCInvest

Leaked documentation from construction companies reveals the lavish details of a property linked to Putin.
23 Jun 2022
Olesya Shmagun (OCCRP) and Denis Dmitriev (Meduza)

Russian Tankers Delivering Oil to EU Ports Despite Sanctions

A Russian state-backed shipping company sanctioned by the U.S. and EU in February continues to deliver crude oil to European ports, analysis of company records and live ...
22 Jun 2022
Khadija Sharife and Kevin G. Hall

New Albanian Airport Raises Cronyism, Environment Concerns

Environmentalists warn Vlora airport will irreparably damage a key Mediterranean wetland. Questions are also being raised about the politically connected consortium behind the lucrative airport deal.
21 Jun 2022
Lindita Çela (OCCRP)

Mysterious Group of Companies Tied to Bank Rossiya Unites Billions of Dollars in Assets Connected to Vladimir Putin

An email domain not visible to the public — — helped reporters uncover a group of interconnected companies that hold palaces, resorts, yachts, jets, and bank ...
20 Jun 2022
Olesya Shmagun (OCCRP), Denis Dmitriev (Meduza), Miranda Patrucic (OCCRP), Ilya Lozovsky (OCCRP)

‘We Cannot Use It’: Leaked E-Mails Show How Russian Petrochemical Giant Sibur Paid For Villa Linked to Putin

Sibur, one of Russia’s largest companies, has previously unknown involvement with two properties that have been linked to President Putin, one in Russia’s far northwest and the ...
20 Jun 2022
Olesya Shmagun (OCCRP) and Denis Dmitriev (Meduza)

Jersey Tax Shelter Leak Exposes Wall Street Trading Activities of Ghislaine Maxwell’s Family

Leaked documents show how Kevin and Ian Maxwell, brothers of disgraced heiress Ghislaine, used a Jersey trust to hide their business activities and finances.
17 Jun 2022
Leah McGrath Goodman, Kevin G. Hall (OCCRP), and Ben Wieder (Miami Herald)




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