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Syria’s Newest Mobile Operator Has A Hidden Link to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard

Syria’s licensing of a third mobile operator, Wafa Telecom, looked like another effort by authorities to seize control of the lucrative telecoms sector. But...

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Operation Dó-Ré-Mi: The Brazilian Bow Makers Under Investigation For Dealing in Endangered Wood

Prosecutors, police, and government officials are investigating dozens of the country’s top makers of high-end musical bows, who are suspected of trafficking protected brazilwood to the U.S., ...
7 Dec 2022
Luiz Fernando Toledo (Data Fixers/Fiquem Sabendo) and piauí

OCCRP and Partners Announce “Reporters Shield”

Legal protection for investigative reporting will help defend media outlets against vexatious lawsuits.
6 Dec 2022

Mexican Prosecutor Who Led Investigations Into Violent Crimes of Romanian Gang is Accused of Being on Their Payroll

A former member of the Riviera Maya gang was stabbed in Mexico by his onetime comrades. The Mexican prosecutor who led the investigation didn’t even look into ...
5 Dec 2022
Attila Biro (OCCRP/Context.ro), Lilia Saúl Rodriguez (OCCRP), and Jonny Wrate (OCCRP)

Dear European Court of Justice: You Were Played

The European Court of Justice has reversed a decade of progress against financial secrecy, to the cheers of sanctioned oligarchs and tax dodgers all around the world.
5 Dec 2022
Andres Knobel

Fake ‘Rothschild’ Was Chased by Russian Organized Crime When She Took Pictures With Trump at Mar-a-Lago

While Inna Yashchyshyn visited Mar-a-Lago and schmoozed with former President Trump and his inner circle, she was being pursued by a senior member of Russian organized crime.
2 Dec 2022
Michael Sallah (The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette), Kevin G. Hall, Brian Fitzpatrick, Will Jordan (OCCRP)

Crypto, SLAPPs, and Dark Money: OCCRP’s Drew Sullivan and Paul Radu Discuss the Year Ahead in Global Crime and Corruption

OCCRP Co-Founders Drew Sullivan and Paul Radu will talk about trends in the world of illicit money flows in a webinar on December 14.
1 Dec 2022




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