The Demise of a Vietnamese Wildlife Kingpin

Take a deep dive into how undercover investigators helped law enforcement to bring down one of the top players in Vietnam's wildlife trafficking underworld.


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The Many Lives — and Credit Suisse Accounts — of Gaddafi-Linked Lobbyist Hassan Tatanaki

Accused of corruption in multiple countries, Libyan oil tycoon Tatanaki went from funding lobbying efforts that promoted the Gaddafi regime to backing a rebel general’s campaign to ...
26 Sep 2022

Swiss-Based Fund AOG Poured Cash Into Joint Accounts With African Politicians

In the 1990s, executives at an obscure energy company bribed Nigerian officials to obtain spectacularly profitable oil mining licenses. Now, the Suisse Secrets project reveals that the ...
22 Sep 2022

German Police Raid Residence of Russian Oligarch Alisher Usmanov; Tax Evasion and Money Laundering Suspected

The raid follows months of investigation into the sanctioned oligarch’s suspicious financial transactions and failure to file tax returns.
21 Sep 2022
Ilya Lozovsky, Miranda Patrucic, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Norddeutsche Rundfunk (NDR), and Westdeutsche Rundfunk (WDR).

Italy’s Most Powerful Mafia Mingles With Devoted Christians at the Sanctuary of Polsi in Calabria

The sacred and the profane mix uneasily at this holy spot for both the ’Ndrangheta mafia and Catholic worshippers in Italy’s south.
20 Sep 2022
Cecilia Anesi (IrpiMedia). Photos by Michele Amoruso

“I Will Take My Percentage”: Congolese Presidential Adviser Caught on Tape Negotiating Corrupt Mineral Deal

Videos from an apparent sting operation show high-ranking Congolese political adviser Vidiye Tshimanga offering access to the country’s minerals in exchange for a cut. The makers of ...
15 Sep 2022
Clément Fayol, Antoine Harari, and Pete Jones (OCCRP)

OCCRP Publishes Spanish-Language “Follow the Money” Handbook

First-of-its-kind manual contains tips and tricks on how to access records and information in 19 Latin American countries. (.)
7 Sep 2022




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