The Cleaner and the Laundromat: Belarusian Cleaning Magnate Allegedly Laundered Millions Through Disgraced Latvian Bank ABLV

Latvian investigators suspect the owner of “Clean World,” a well-known cleaning business that stretches across Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, of using the notorious bank...

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Andrew Tate Partnered in Casinos with Alleged Romanian Organized Crime Figures

New documents uncovered by reporters show that Andrew and Tristan Tate were involved in a profit-sharing agreement with a casino company whose owners are now under investigation ...
31 May 2023
Victor Ilie (RISE Project) and Luiza Vasiliu (RISE Project)

How Venezuelan Gold is Trafficked Through Brazil’s Borderlands to the US

Two alleged smuggling schemes run through the Brazilian border town of Pacaraima give a glimpse into the murky world of Venezuela’s illegal gold trade. The landscape of Roraima, ...
26 May 2023
Joseph Poliszuk (, María de los Ángeles Ramírez (, Eduardo Goulart (OCCRP)

Confidential Report Flags Bitfinex Security Lapses in Huge 2016 Hack

Bitfinex failed to implement operational, financial, and technological controls proposed by its digital security partner, according to a document obtained by reporters. (Photo: James O’Brien/OCCRP)
25 May 2023
Khadija Sharife (OCCRP), Jan Strozyk (OCCRP) and Joel Khalili (Wired)

Kazakhstan Has Become a Pathway for the Supply of Russia’s War Machine. Here’s How It Works.

Western sanctions are meant to prevent Russia from supplying its military from abroad, but sensitive electronics are still getting through. Reporters traced several of these supply chains ...
19 May 2023
Maria Zholobova (IStories), Benjamin Bidder (Der Spiegel), Vyacheslav Abramov (Vlast), Ilya Lozovsky (OCCRP)

PNG Prime Minister Had Undisclosed Ties to Figure at Center of Ports Criminal Probe

Papua New Guinea police have launched an international bribery probe after OCCRP and partners revealed questionable offshore dealings by Australian businessman Don Matheson. The country’s prime minister ...
17 May 2023
OCCRP, Inside PNG, and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Companies Behind Malta Hospital Controversy Spent Millions on Luxuries, Payments to Director

In February a Maltese court annulled a 2.1-billion-euro public healthcare contract over suspicion of fraud. Financial records obtained by reporters show the people behind the contract used ...
17 May 2023
Khadija Sharife (OCCRP), Jacob Borg (Times of Malta), David Lindsay (The Shift News)




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