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OCCRP and the Gabo Foundation Launch Groundbreaking Project That Unites Investigative Journalism and Fiction Filmmaking

First Summit in Cartagena, Colombia Introduces “Floodlight: Fiction in the Public Interest”

OCCRP Co-Founders Drew Sullivan (left) and Paul Radu with Associated Press investigative journalist...

OCCRP Podcast: Dirty Deeds
The Rotenberg Files

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How Lax Oversight and War Thwarted Efforts to Hold Yemen’s Oil Polluters to Account

In 2014, Yemeni lawmakers received a report on widespread environmental violations in the country’s oil sector. The report was shelved after civil war broke out, and efforts ...
6 Dec 2023
Ahmed al-Waseai, Rana Sabbagh (OCCRP), Selma Mhaoud (OCCRP), Abdulwahed Alobaly, Motea Bamzahem, and Zaher Binashikhbubkr

Businessman Who Bought Dominica Passport and Funded U.K. Tories Now Under Investigation in India

Gursamarjit Singh made millions in marketing and real estate. In Dominica, he purchased a passport. In the U.K., he bought into the political elite. Now he is ...
1 Dec 2023
Will Jordan and Anand Mangnale

Insights and Trends in Global Crime and Corruption — OCCRP Founders Discuss 2023 and the Year Ahead

OCCRP Co-Founders Drew Sullivan and Paul Radu will speak with Editor in Chief Miranda Patrucic about new trends in the world of dark money, influence peddling, and ...
30 Nov 2023

The Man That Got Away: Iranian Fugitive Named in Canadian Espionage Case

In April 2017, Canadian authorities charged currency exchange operator Farzam Mehdizadeh for his alleged role in a global network that laundered funds for criminals and Islamist militants, ...
29 Nov 2023
Jared Ferrie (OCCRP), Lara Dihmis (OCCRP), Mahtab Divsalar (Zamaneh Media)

Sanctioned Businessman Denied Financial Ties to Kremlin-Linked Oligarch Roman Abramovich — But Leaked Documents Say Otherwise

In a first-of-its-kind legal challenge to overturn his sanctioning in the U.K., businessman Eugene Shvidler argued he did not financially benefit from his relationship with Kremlin-linked oligarch ...
28 Nov 2023
Tom Stocks (OCCRP) and Simon Lock (The Bureau of Investigative Journalism)

Abramovich Signed Football Players to “Modern Slavery” Deals that May Breach FIFA Rules

Roman Abramovich acquired the economic rights to multiple young football players via contracts that have since been banned by FIFA. Experts said the FIFA ban may have ...
17 Nov 2023
Tom Stocks (OCCRP) and Pete Jones (OCCRP)




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