Ukrainian Women Share Their Accounts of Rape by Russian Forces, As Reporters Investigate Their Assailants

Two young women gave their accounts of rape by Russian soldiers to the Kyiv Independent, who set out to identify those responsible.

Daria, a Ukrainian...

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NarcoFiles: The New Criminal Order

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The Global Reach of the ‘Ndrangheta: Join a Virtual Discussion About Italy’s Most Powerful Mafia

OCCRP is hosting a live webinar about the domestic and international operations of a pervasive Italian organized crime group on Thursday, June 27, 2024 at 5pm CET. ...
12 Jun 2024

THE SCOOP | Leaked Report Highlights Pollution Problems at ArcelorMittal’s Bosnian Steelworks

An environmental inspection report shows ArcelorMittal failed to meet deadlines to implement anti-pollution measures at its Bosnian steelworks. School football pitch in the Pehare area of Zenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina. ...
12 Jun 2024
Peter Geoghegan, Eli Moskowitz and Zdravko Ljubas (OCCRP), Dženita Lutvić (CIN)

The Steinmetz Scandals

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10 Jun 2024

Deals that Helped Tycoon Steinmetz Combat Bribery Fallout

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Beny Steinmetz: Scion of Diamond Royalty, Now At Bay Over Bribery Charges

Beny Steinmetz emerged from his father’s shadow to build a corporate empire, but his methods have left him facing jail sentences for bribery. His reputation, and perhaps ...
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THE SCOOP | Former Georgian Defense Official Paid Cash For a Secret London Flat

An offshore company owned by onetime deputy defense minister Mamuka Mujiri purchased a London flat — then sold it after his ownership was revealed. Visage apartments building in ...
3 Jun 2024
Khatia Nikolaishvili (GMC)




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