What Lockdown? World’s Cocaine Traffickers Sniff at Movement Restrictions

Drugs keep flowing despite the global pandemic.

Crime, Corruption and Coronavirus

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Fraud Factory Firms Traced to Penniless Proxies

Companies used to hawk get-rich-quick investment schemes from a Kyiv call center were registered in the Caribbean and Estonia in the names of impoverished impoverished Swedes.
18 May 2020
Mattias Carlsson (DN), Holger Roonemaa (OCCRP), Oliver Kund (Eesti Päevaleht), Hannes Munzinger (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Out-of-Favor Saudi Prince Bought Cypriot Passport

Prince Saud bin Abdulmohsen bin Abdulaziz Al Saud applied for a passport shortly after his uncle, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, ousted him as emir of Ha’il province ...
13 May 2020
Sara Farolfi

OCCRP Condemns Planned Interrogation of our Editor in Ukraine

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) condemns Ukrainian authorities’ ongoing harassment of our local member center Slidstvo.Info in its pursuit of a baseless, politically motivated ...
8 May 2020

Oak and Omerta in Romania: Saving the Lungs of Europe

The teeth on an average full-skip chain stand at three-quarter inch intervals and are about the length of a thumbnail. Moving these blades along at a speed ...
7 May 2020
Will Neal

Uncertain Diagnosis: The Murky Global Market for Coronavirus Antibody Tests

For several days in late March, North Macedonian citizen Rodzer Zekirovski had all the symptoms of COVID-19: a high fever, aching muscles, and a dry cough. But ...
6 May 2020
Aubrey Belford, Saska Cvetkovska, Cecilia Anesi, Gavin Bowring

Balkan Cocaine Wars

The rivalry between the Škaljari and the Kavač clans, which originated on opposite sides of a single mountain on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast, has upended the criminal underworld ...
5 May 2020