Singapore Money Laundering Suspects Invested Huge Sums in Dubai Property

Three people arrested in a raid on an alleged money laundering ring in Singapore invested over $30 million in Dubai real estate, leaked data...

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NarcoFiles: The New Criminal Order

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THE SCOOP | Cyprus at Center of Sanctioned Afghan Politician’s International Business Empire

A lawsuit against the U.S. government by two former Afghan parliamentarians reveals they continue to hold Cyprus passports –– despite advice to authorities to review their citizenship. The ...
15 May 2024
Andreas Cosma (OCCRP), Marta Orosz (ZDF frontal), and Jessica Purkiss (Lighthouse Reports)

Top Crypto Scammers Managed to Sell Dubai Properties After Being Charged

So-called CryptoQueen Ruja Ignatova and her security adviser, Frank Schneider, liquidated Dubai assets despite being charged in the U.S. for their alleged roles in a $4bn fraud. ...
15 May 2024
Kevin G. Hall (OCCRP), Graham Stack (OCCRP), Luc Caregari (, Axel Gordh Humlesjö (SVT), Carina Huppertz (paper trail media)

Destination Dubai: As the U.S. Was Rebuilding Afghanistan, Contractors Snapped up Properties in the UAE

As billions of U.S. dollars flowed in to rebuild Afghanistan following the fall of the Taliban in 2001, many contractors were accused of skimming reconstruction funds. Today, ...
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Jessica Purkiss (Lighthouse Reports), Fahim Abed (Lighthouse Reports), Kevin G. Hall (OCCRP), and Andreas Cosma (OCCRP)

Dubai Unlocked

A global investigation into Dubai property ownership.
14 May 2024

What Is 'Dubai Unlocked'? Everything You Need To Know

Frequently asked questions about the global investigation into Dubai property ownership.
14 May 2024

Family of Ilham Aliyev’s Security Chief Owns Vast Property Holdings in the United Kingdom

As head of security for Azerbaijan’s president, Baylar Eyyubov is closely trusted by one of the world’s most authoritarian leaders. Reporters found that his family owns three ...
12 May 2024
Kelly Bloss (OCCRP), Olga Loginova (Vlast), Fatima Karimova (Mikroskop Media), Aidan Iusubova (iFact) and Nana Bregadze (iFact)




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