Credit Suisse Banked Abramovich Fortune Held in Secret Offshore Companies

Credit Suisse loaned hundreds of millions of dollars to Abramovich’s offshore companies, which used U.S. stocks as collateral, two new leaks reveal. The secretly-owned...

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Suisse Secrets

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FAQ: What's a Proxy? Using Relatives, Shell Companies, and Other Stand-Ins to Hide Illicit Wealth

One of the most effective ways to hide your ownership of valuable assets is to get someone – or something – to stand in as your “proxy.” ...
24 Jan 2023
Will Neal (OCCRP)

Azerbaijani Strongman’s Business Partner Builds Property Empire in Georgia

Turkish businessman Emin Uchar has made a fortune in Nakhchivan, an autonomous Azerbaijani territory between Iran, Turkey, and Armenia. New documents and interviews provide evidence he may ...
23 Jan 2023
OCCRP and iFact Georgia

Bangladeshi Politician Close to Prime Minister Hasina Secretly Owns Over $4 Million in New York Real Estate

Mohammed Abdus Sobhan Miah worked as a cab driver, pizza cook, and drugstore clerk while living in New York City, but a few years after returning to ...
13 Jan 2023
Zulkarnain Saer Khan

Romanian Prosecutors Probe China Tobacco for Millions of ‘Disappeared’ Cigarettes

Anti-organized crime prosecutors are investigating China Tobacco in Romania for possible links to smuggling by organized crime groups.
11 Jan 2023
Andrei Ciurcanu (OCCRP/RISE Romania)

FAQ: The EU Ruling on Ownership Transparency and What It Means for Journalists

In late 2022, the European Union's top court struck a major blow to ownership transparency. What does it mean for journalists and anti-corruption campaigners?
5 Jan 2023
Alexandra Gillies

OCCRP Names Yevgeny Prigozhin 2022 “Person of the Year” in Organized Crime and Corruption

Wagner Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin wins OCCRP's 2022 Person of the Year award, which singles out those who wreak havoc around the world through organized crime and
29 Dec 2022




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