As U.S. Sanctions Loomed, a Tycoon ‘Mopped Up’ Zimbabwe’s Scarce Dollars, and Acquired a Lucrative Platinum Mine

As Zimbabweans faced the economic consequences of a crashing currency, well-connected businessman Kudakwashe Tagwirei skirted the rules to convert government-backed securities into scarce U.S....

Crime, Corruption and Coronavirus
Aleksandr Lukashenko – Person of the Year 2021

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Leak Suggests Ukrainian Pro-Kremlin Politician Secretly Benefited from Russian Oil Field Sale

The politician appears to have held a valuable oilfield through an offshore shell company owned by a proxy.
11 Jan 2022
Graham Stack (OCCRP)

Serbian Investigative Journalists Are Fighting to Stay Alive. Will Europe Hear Them?

The European Union has praised Serbia for its commitment to “fundamental reforms,” and the country’s drive for membership is grinding forward. Meanwhile, a campaign of pressure and ...
22 Dec 2021
Ilya Lozovsky

An Addictive War: How Cartel Bosses are Playing the U.S. Justice System

Bringing drug kingpins to face justice in the U.S. has long been seen as a key part of Washington’s anti-cartel arsenal. Behind the showy press conferences for ...
13 Dec 2021
Antonio Delgado (Miami Herald), Brian Fitzpatrick (OCCRP), Kevin G. Hall, Lilia Saúl Rodriguez (OCCRP), Jay Weaver (Miami Herald) and Verdad Abierta

Mexico’s Dairy Industry Is Destroying An Oasis That May Hold the Key to the Origins of Life

As their once-lush region runs dry, farmers in a Coahuilan wetland allege misconduct by huge dairy firms and Mexico’s state water agency.
10 Dec 2021
Jonny Wrate (OCCRP) and Clément Detry

U.S. Calls for Increased Support for OCCRP's Global Anti-Corruption Consortium

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) welcomes U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s call today for increased global support for the .
9 Dec 2021

Cascade of Frivolous Lawsuits Endangers Top Serbian Investigative Journalism Outlet KRIK

Three frivolous lawsuits known as SLAPPS have been filed in the past month against OCCRP’s Serbian member center , making a total of 10 legal actions currently ...
7 Dec 2021




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