Disastrous Privatization by Influential Serbian Minister Goes Uninvestigated

Nenad Popovic, a nationalist Serbian minister known for his ties to the Kremlin, took part in a dubious privatization that...

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Strongest Measures Axed in EU Golden Visa Report

For almost a decade, corrupt politicians and wealthy businessmen have purchased European passports using dirty money. In January, the European Commission finally delivered its response. But rather ...
4 Feb 2019
Harry Holmes

Romania ‘Snowball’ Scam Deprives Government of Over €1 Million in VAT Revenues

Prosecutors say an organized crime group tied to Liviu Dragnea, Romania’s most powerful politician, set up a cross-border fraud scheme that deprived the Romanian state of more ...
31 Jan 2019

Euros to the East

In collaboration with Danwatch, a Danish investigative research center, OCCRP looked into an EU program that provided surveillance gear, patrol vehicles, and other equipment to Belarusian and ...
31 Jan 2019

Macedonian Prosecutor Implicates Former Political Leaders in Money Laundering, Extortion, Illicit Land Deals

Macedonia’s right-wing former ruling party, VMRO-DPMNE, stands accused of a litany of crimes, including illegally purchasing dozens of properties all over the country. OCCRP’s local member center, ...
28 Jan 2019
Maja Jovanovska

US and Russia Spar Over Accused Crypto-Launderer

A tug-of-war over a Russian citizen detained in Greece sheds light on a global struggle over policing the multi-billion-dollar cryptocurrency sector.
24 Jan 2019
Timothy Lloyd

The Chavez Man and His Millions

Venezuela's economy is in ruins, but there are still fortunes to be made. One of these — estimated to be worth $100 million — is that of ...
18 Jan 2019




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