All the President’s Men: State Projects Handed to Apparent Proxies in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz President Sadyr Japarov has drastically decreased transparency into public spending, even as he has launched an ambitious new series of state projects intended...

OCCRP Podcast: Dirty Deeds
NarcoFiles: The New Criminal Order

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Polish Businessman Makes Millions From Firm that Deals With Putin’s Russia

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the name of blue-blooded Polish businessman Andre Mankowski has disappeared from the website of the Moscow-based IT company AMT Group, where ...
28 May 2024
Roman Katin (iStories) and Daniel Flis (FRONTSTORY.PL)

THE SCOOP | Mysterious Wealth: Tajikistan PM’s Wife Bought Luxury Dubai Properties

Tajikistan’s prime minister and his wife did not respond to questions about how she was able to afford substantial real estate holdings in their home country, and ...
27 May 2024
Eldiyar Arykbaev (OCCRP), Firuzi Makhmadali (Azda TV), Muhamadjon Kabirov (Azda TV)

Serbian Ruling Party’s Mystery Mega-Spend On Pre-Election Promo Material

Customs data shows the Serbian Progressive Party spent millions importing promotional material ahead of elections in 2022, far more than the party had previously paid for similar ...
27 May 2024
Ivana Milosavljević (CINS) and Ana Poenariu (Public Record)

New Evidence Bolsters Allegations Adani Group Overcharged for Coal

An investigation into whether India's powerful Adani Group was overvaluing the coal it sold to power companies was effectively stopped in the courts after Adani legally challenged ...
21 May 2024
Anand Mangnale (OCCRP)

OCCRP Welcomes 15 New Member Centers to its Global Network

In the face of rising costs and continued threats to independent media around the world, OCCRP is welcoming 15 new member centers and one regional partner to ...
20 May 2024

Singapore Money Laundering Suspects Invested Huge Sums in Dubai Property

Three people arrested in a raid on an alleged money laundering ring in Singapore invested over $30 million in Dubai real estate, leaked data reveals. One of ...
16 May 2024
Martin Young (OCCRP), Yan Z.H. (OCCRP), Tom Allard (OCCRP), The Straits Times




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