Italian Politicians and Big Business Bought into Russian Occupation of Crimea

Italian far-right politicians and businessmen accepted sponsored trips to Crimea arranged by a Russian influence group, effectively recognizing Moscow’s occupation of the Ukrainian region...

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How a Russian Influence Group Infiltrated Cypriot Party Politics

A secretive Moscow group cultivated ties with Cypriot politicians and successfully pushed through a motion in Cyprus’s parliament calling for an end to EU sanctions against Russia. ...
3 Feb 2023
Tatiana Tkachenko and Martin Laine (Eesti Ekspress)

Kremlin-Linked Group Arranged Payments to European Politicians to Support Russia’s Annexation of Crimea

For years, a secret organization run from inside Russia’s parliament successfully interfered with European policies on occupied Ukraine. Leaked emails give a new overview of the operation ...
3 Feb 2023
Martin Laine (Eesti Ekspress), Cecilia Anesi (IrpiMedia), Lorenzo Bagnoli (IrpiMedia), and Tatiana Tkachenko

Son of Longtime Azerbaijani Oil Official Owns Luxurious London Flat Worth Over $20 Million

Until last year, Rovnag Abdullayev headed Azerbaijan’s state oil company, SOCAR, where he made a modest official salary. Yet his son Rashad purchased an ultra-expensive property in ...
31 Jan 2023
Kelly Bloss (OCCRP) and Ilya Lozovsky (OCCRP)

Credit Suisse Banked Abramovich Fortune Held in Secret Offshore Companies

Credit Suisse loaned hundreds of millions of dollars to Abramovich’s offshore companies, which used U.S. stocks as collateral, two new leaks reveal. The secretly-owned firms loaned each ...
30 Jan 2023
Khadija Sharife (OCCRP)

FAQ: What's a Proxy? Using Relatives, Shell Companies, and Other Stand-Ins to Hide Illicit Wealth

One of the most effective ways to hide your ownership of valuable assets is to get someone – or something – to stand in as your “proxy.” ...
24 Jan 2023
Will Neal (OCCRP)

Azerbaijani Strongman’s Business Partner Builds Property Empire in Georgia

Turkish businessman Emin Uchar has made a fortune in Nakhchivan, an autonomous Azerbaijani territory between Iran, Turkey, and Armenia. New documents and interviews provide evidence he may ...
23 Jan 2023
OCCRP and iFact Georgia




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