As Europe Urges ‘Reform’ in Serbia, Local Election Observers Point to State Machinery Behind Vote Rigging

On paper, the largest country to emerge from the break-up of socialist Yugoslavia is a candidate for EU membership. On the ground, opposition politicians...

OCCRP Podcast: Dirty Deeds
NarcoFiles: The New Criminal Order

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Bitter Fruit: Kenyans Sue Pineapple Producer for Alleged Torture and Murder

Almost 2,000 Kenyans living around Fresh Del Monte’s pineapple plantation accuse guards of brutal violence. Four bodies were found on the multinational fruit company’s land over Christmas. ...
22 Feb 2024
Georgia Gee

In 'False Transit' Loophole, Russia’s War Machine Is Supplied Through Kazakh Companies and Belarusian Warehouses

The scheme takes advantage of lighter sanctions against Russia’s closest economic partners.
21 Feb 2024
Alexander Yarashevich (Buro Media), Aleksandr Atasuntsev (Verstka), and Robert Denis (OCCRP)

Independent Media Under Attack in Kyrgyzstan as Court Shuts Down OCCRP Member Center Kloop Media

Amid a widening crackdown on the free press in Kyrgyzstan, a local court on Friday ordered OCCRP’s local member center Kloop Media to be shut down. A ...
14 Feb 2024

OCCRP Partners with Leading U.K. Universities to Analyze the Professional Enablers of Corruption

Research will help anti-corruption community press for accountability. A selection of OCCRP investigations that show the role of professional enablers in facilitating high-risk transactions. (Image credit: James O’Brien, ...
12 Feb 2024

U.K. Offshore Ownership Registry Reveals Luxury Properties Owned By Armenian Ex-President’s Family

Armen Sarkissian's family owns five previously unreported properties in and around London.
6 Feb 2024
Ani Grigoryan (Civilnet), Mkrtich Karapetyan (Civilnet), Samson Martirosyan (Hetq), and Hovhannes Nazaretyan (EVN Report)

‘Total Control’: Azerbaijan’s Jails Fill With Journalists and Dissidents as Election Approaches

Fresh off his latest victory against neighboring Armenia, President Ilham Aliyev is sweeping Azerbaijan clean of any organized opposition. As investigative journalists, whistleblowers, and activists languish in ...
1 Feb 2024
Ilya Lozovsky




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