Ownership of Chemicals that Exploded at Beirut Port Traces Back to Ukraine

A year after a massive shipment of ammonium nitrate exploded in Beirut, an OCCRP investigation has settled one of the biggest lingering questions: who...

Crime, Corruption and Coronavirus
Russian investigative journalists are not foreign agents

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Russian Foreign Minister Has a Longtime Female Companion With Over $13 Million in Unexplained Assets

YouTube videos posted by the Russian Orthodox Church, Foreign Ministry sources, and multiple flight records helped reporters identify a longtime companion of Russia’s pugnacious foreign minister, Sergei ...
14 Sep 2021
Roman Anin, Dmitry Velikovsky, Roman Romanovsky

How a Russian Mobile App Developer Recruited Phones into a Secret Ad-Watching Robot Army

A Russian mobile app publishing network appears to have infected millions of phones with malware that converts games into quiet money-making machines.
9 Sep 2021
Martin Laine

Why Russian Journalists Are Being Branded ‘Foreign Agents’ — And Why It Matters

The last few months have been the most difficult for independent Russian journalists since the Soviet era. Here’s how the Putin regime is using ‘foreign agent’ designations ...
8 Sep 2021
Ilya Lozovsky and Ekaterina Selivanova

Contract Tobacco Farmers in Zimbabwe Say They Are ‘Drowning in Debt’

Growers say they often end up trapped in a painful debt cycle as they struggle to pay for expensive inputs they can ill afford, while a controversial ...
8 Sep 2021
Dumisani Muleya, Owen Garare, and Nhau Mangirazi (NewsHawks)

Catalan Separatists Tailored Public Messaging to Avoid Antagonizing Russia: ‘You Have to Avoid Navalny For Sure’

Messages obtained by police from the confiscated phone of a senior Catalan official show that leaders of the Spanish region’s independence movement avoided commenting about some human ...
3 Sep 2021
Antonio Baquero (OCCRP) and Jesús G. Albalat (El Periódico)

OCCRP Live Event: Journalists Reveal How They Tracked the Offshore Wealth of Lebanon’s Central Bank Governor Riad Salame

Rumors of Lebanon’s Central Bank Governor Riad Salame’s offshore wealth have swirled around Beirut for years. In 2020, OCCRP and that Salame owned through a network ...
1 Sep 2021




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