Chinese Tech Giant Huawei Had Secret Offshore Contracts With Men Linked to Serbian State Telecom Company

Amid a Chinese push to gain influence in Serbia, Huawei appears to have paid large sums to a former Serbian state telecom executive through...

Crime, Corruption and Coronavirus
Russian investigative journalists are not foreign agents

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Secret Offshore Loans Funded Private Croatian Island Resort

In 2009, a man known as “Putin’s masseur” bought a luxury villa on a Croatian island. The Pandora Papers show that behind the scenes a former Russian ...
14 Oct 2021
Mašenjka Bačić (Oštro)

State Petrochemical Plants in Turkmenistan Channel Exports Through Obscure U.K. Companies — With Ties to President’s Nephews

One has no website. Another can’t be reached by phone. But these foreign companies are selling the output of some of Turkmenistan’s major fertilizer and petroleum facilities. ...
14 Oct 2021
Ruslan Myatiev, Matthew Kupfer, and Bayram Shikhmuradov

Documents Expose Bucharest Official’s Offshore Networks and Suggest He Embezzled Public Funds

Leaked corporate data and prosecution files obtained by OCCRP shed light on the business schemes of influential Romanian politician Robert Negoiță.
13 Oct 2021
Ana Poenariu (OCCRP/RISE Project) and Attila Biro (OCCRP/RISE Project)

How a Zimbabwe Tycoon Made a Fortune from a Trafigura Partnership and Spiralling National Debt

Kudakwashe Tagwirei, who is close to Zimbabwe’s president and his inner circle, leveraged his privileged access to fuel and mining markets to strike a lucrative partnership with ...
13 Oct 2021
Khadija Sharife and Mark Anderson (OCCRP)

A Family Affair: How the Relatives of a Russian State Company’s CEO Got Rich

The stepdaughter of Sergei Chemezov, the head of the giant state-owned military and defense conglomerate Rostec, is the beneficiary of a group of offshore companies with assets ...
8 Oct 2021
Irina Dolinina (IStories)

Belarusian Elites’ Golden Deal With Zimbabwe

A top Belarusian official negotiated a gold mining venture with Zimbabwe in 2018 — but behind a veil of offshores, it was his own son who stood
8 Oct 2021
Šarūnas Černiauskas (, Ales Yarashevich, Mafira Kureva




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