Huge Quantities of Chinese Cigarettes Smuggled Into Ukraine

China Tobacco’s factory in Europe is selling hundreds of millions of cigarettes to companies in Ukraine under investigation for cigarette smuggling — one co-owned...

Crime, Corruption and Coronavirus
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China Tobacco 'Very Discreetly' Becomes Leaf-Buying Powerhouse in Brazil

China is complying with recommendations under a global treaty to decrease the amount of land under tobacco cultivation –– but its massive state-owned conglomerate is shifting production ...
23 Jun 2021
Naira Hofmeister (The Intercept), Luiz Fernando Toledo (OCCRP)

A Fake Shipping Container Leads to Chinese Cigarettes — and Italy's Camorra Crime Group

A bust of 17 tons of illicit cigarettes in Italy led back to China Tobacco’s European factory — where an executive was working closely with a group ...
23 Jun 2021
Andrei Ciurcanu and Alessia Cerantola

Illegal Chinese Cigarettes Flooding Latin America Flow Through Panama

China Tobacco’s factory in Panama was shut down by authorities after its cigarettes kept making their way onto the black market there. A network of companies sprang ...
23 Jun 2021
Nathan Jaccard (OCCRP), Sol Lauría (Concolón), David Tarazona (Cuestión Pública), Mateo Yepes (Cuestión Pública), Lilia Saúl (OCCRP)

China’s State Tobacco Company is Massive at Home. Now it’s Ready to Take Over the World

China Tobacco is using advertising, investment, and social projects to influence governments and consumers around the world, while flooding markets in countries where its cigarettes cannot legally ...
23 Jun 2021
Alessia Cerantola and Andrei Ciurcanu

People Smugglers in Syria Take to TikTok

Fearing conscription by the Assad regime? Want to start a new life in Europe?  Surf online a bit, and you’ll find that a quick chat with the right ...
23 Jun 2021
Lara Dihmis (OCCRP) and Mohammad Bassiki (SIRAJ)

China Tobacco Goes Global

China's state tobacco company has quietly set its sights on global domination.
22 Jun 2021




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