‘I Confess to All the Crimes’: A Russian Soldier Admits to Executing a Civilian and Denounces His Commanders

For one unbearable month, the Ukrainian village of Andriivka was terrorized by its Russian occupiers. Reporters from IStories pieced together a partial picture of...

Russian Asset Tracker
Suisse Secrets

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Unexplained Wealth of Top Georgian Judge Highlights Obstacles Along Country’s Path to Europe

The influential judge, who failed to declare apartments and luxury purchases made by his long-term partner, is said to be the member of a ‘clan’ of judges ...
7 Aug 2022
Nino Ramishvili (Studio Monitor), Maya Metskhvarishvili (Studio Monitor)

Dead Body in Paraguay Is Likely Serbian Drug Smuggler

A cutting-edge facial recognition algorithm finds a “strong possibility” that an unidentified man found dead in a car in 2015 is a lieutenant in the operation of ...
2 Aug 2022
Milica Vojinović (KRIK) and Stevan Dojčinović (OCCRP/KRIK)

‘Astronomical Money’: How Smugglers Made Tens of Millions Moving Rare Birds Around the World

An organized crime group spent years smuggling rare exotic birds from South America and Asia to collectors across Europe. Now, one of their former couriers is speaking ...
1 Aug 2022
Denise Hruby

Venezuelan Spy and Alleged Drug Trafficker Linked to Luxury Flats in Barcelona

Pedro Luis Martin Olivares is a former Venezuelan intelligence chief wanted in the U.S. for drug trafficking. His family has managed to acquire millions of dollars’ worth ...
29 Jul 2022
OCCRP,, Infolibre, and the Miami Herald

Sanctioned Russian Banker Andrei Kostin, Head of ‘Putin’s Piggy Bank,’ Uses Canadian Man as Proxy For Vast Holdings

A man named Eric Whyte controls offshores that own luxury properties and investments worth millions. Clues suggest he is acting as a proxy for Andrei Kostin, a ...
28 Jul 2022
Graham Stack (OCCRP)

Sanctioned VTB Bank and Putin Ally Andrei Kostin Behind Luxury Austrian Hotel

VTB, a Russian bank sanctioned by the EU for its ties to the Kremlin, secretly owned a luxury Alpine hotel until 2015. Its current owners appear to ...
28 Jul 2022
Graham Stack (OCCRP)




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