wagner group

  • Russian Mercenaries Recruit Convicts to Fight in Ukraine

    The notorious Russian mercenary group PMC Wagner, or the Wagner Group, has started recruiting prisoners from the St. Petersburg region, promising them salaries and amnesty if they join them in “fighting the Nazis” in Ukraine, a Russian independent media outlet reported.

  • EU Sanctions Russian Mercenaries and Associates

    The European Union adopted on Monday sanctions against a group of Russian private military contractors, accusing them of human rights abuses in Libya, Syria, Ukraine and Africa.

  • Paramilitary Group Wagner Sued in Russia for War Crimes in Syria

    Three non-governmental organizationsannounced on Monday that they have helped a Syrian man sue in Moscow members of the Russian paramilitary group Wagner for war crimes, accusing them of cruelly killing his brother in Syria.

  • Report: Kremlin Tied to Private Military, Troll Farm

    After having analyzed leaked emails and phone records, Bellingcat reporters were able to present last week how frequent a Russian tycoon has been communicating with the Kremlin and other Russian institutions during his worldwide private military and disinformation activities. 

  • Belarus Arrests Russian Mercenaries

    Authorities in Belarus detained on Wednesday more than 30 men suspected of being Russian mercenaries who were preparing mass riots to “destabilize the situation during the election campaign,” in which Belarus’ long-time ruler is seriously challenged for the first time. 

  • Russian Investigators: Robbers Killed Journalists in CAR

    The three Russian investigative journalists who were killed in the Central African Republic (CAR) in 2018, died in a robbery attempt, a senior Russian investigator said Monday in an interview with theKommersant business daily.

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