• Experts: COVID-19 Has Been a Massive Boon for the Italian Mafia

    Some of Italy's leading mafia experts fear that the COVID-19 pandemic has only served to strengthen the mafia’s foothold across Italy, according to areport released by the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime (GI-TOC). 

  • Behind Vale's Deadly Dams, a Wave of Lobbying

    Angelica Andrade will never forget January 25, 2019, the day her sister died.

    A member of a rescue team walks next to a collapsed tailings dam owned by Brazilian mining company Vale in Brumadinho, Brazil, Feb. 13, 2019. A member of a rescue team walks next to a collapsed tailings dam owned by Brazilian mining company Vale in Brumadinho, Brazil, Feb. 13, 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/Washington Alves)

  • Ex-Police Chief to be Investigated in Murder of Maltese Journalist

    After nine hours of testimony on Monday, a Maltese court announced that it would conduct a formal investigation into the role that former police chief Lawrence Cutajar may have played in the murder of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, the Times of Maltareported. 

  • Montenegro Throws Five Tons of Seized Drugs into a Furnace

    Thick and dark grey smoke was pouring out of the chimney of the local furniture factory ‘Javorak’ in the western Montenegrin town of Nikšić on Monday, as the country’s anti-narcotics authorities burned about five tons of drugs in the factory’s furnace.

  • Sickly Sweet: Pakistan’s Sugar Barons Deny Fraud

    A highly powerful body within Pakistan’s lucrative sugar industry has hit back at explosive allegations of subsidies fraud, as detailed in a recent report that has implicated the country’s government in a massive corruption scandal.

  • The Murky History of Russia's Largest Sports Betting Company

    A chessmaster who sent money to the mob, a mysterious change of ownership just after a dramatic police raid, and connections to a massive financial laundromat — these are just some of the unexpected stories behind Russia’s top sports betting company.

  • Wife of Putin Ally Has Now Donated $2.47 Million to U.K. Tory Party

    The wife of Vladimir Putin’s former deputy finance minister donated £325,000 (US$405,033) to Boris Johnson’s party in the first quarter of 2020 as he and his party continues to delay the publication of a report on Russian interference in the country’s political system that was completed in October.

  • Province of British Columbia is Canada’s Crime, Money Laundering Hub

    Most criminal groups in Canada are operating in British-Columbia, the province that plays a key role in laundering dirty money coming from all over the country, crime experts said during a public inquiry hearinglast week.

  • Ukraine’s Anti-Graft Officers Offered Record $6M Bribe to Drop Case

    Ukraine’s anti-graft officials said on Saturday that they have detained three people who offered them a record US$5 million bribe to drop a criminal case against Mykola Zlochevsky, a former minister and owner of a natural gas company suspected of having used his ministerial post to enrich himself.

  • Ex-DEA Official was Impersonating CIA Operative to Defraud Firms

    A former US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) employee pleaded guilty on Thursday to orchestrating a multimillion dollar fraud scheme in which he impersonated a CIA officer and persuaded several companies to hire him so he could conduct his secret activities while pretending to be their employee. 

  • Golden Visas: Cyprus to Tighten Regulations

    Cyprus plans to tighten requirements for its ‘citizenship by investment’ programme following a warning from European authorities earlier this year that the scheme is vulnerable to exploitation by criminals.

  • Serbian President Pledges to “Fight the Lies” About His Son

    After reporters again caught his son in company of alleged members of a drug trafficking clan, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić hinted on Friday that journalists were painting a target on his son’s forehead but that he will fight with all the strength he has and “defeat their lies.”

  • Puerto-Rican Pleads Guilty to Trafficking Protected Marine Creatures

    A Puerto-Rican man pleaded guilty on Tuesday to harvesting protected invertebrates worth 

    hundreds of thousands of dollars and then selling them to clients in the mainland United States and abroad.  

  • Norway Grants Access to Docs in Probe of Jay-Z’s Company

    A Norwegian court has allowed the country’s financial authority to examine documents pertaining to a music-streaming service, reportedly owned by American rapper Jay-Z, suspected of fraudulently manipulating playback figures to inflate royalties for select artists.

  • KRIK: Serbian President’s Son Again in Company of Mafia Suspects

    Following a tip from a reader, a reporter from OCCRP’s Serbian partnerKRIK managed on Wednesday evening to take a photo of the son of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić in company with organized crime figures, adding proof to previous allegations about Danilo Vučić’s connections with the underworld.

  • Med-Tech Firm Updates Old Fraud Scheme for the COVID-19 Era

    In the first case of securities fraud related to COVID-19 to be brought before a US court, prosecutors charged the president of a California-based medical technology company with defrauding investors, manipulating stock prices and submitting fraudulent claims for allergy and coronavirus testing from which he allegedly made US$69 million.

  • Van with 400,000 Protective Masks Stolen in Germany

    Germanpolice are looking for witnesses of the theft of 400,000 masks from that what it described as a carefully planned carjacking that took place on Monday.

  • IT Specialists Warn of Malware Increase During COVID-19

    The number of banking Trojans and infostealers has gone up with the increase of mostly pandemic-related unemployment, according to a leading provider of cyber security solutions to governments and corporate enterprises globally.

  • Mexico: Tequila Companies Targeted in CJNG Sting

    Authorities in Mexico have reportedly identified several tequila vendors as front companies in an alleged money laundering operation run by one of the country’s most powerful drug syndicates. The move reflects a broader change in tactics by Mexico’s government, targeting cartels' pockets and the systemic causes of crime rather than opting for direct military action.

  • Report: Roughly 400,000 U.K. Firms Won’t Say Who Owns Them

    As a key part of an anti-money laundering initiative in 2016, the U.K. started requiring all British firms to publish information on who owns them, but a new report published on Saturday by openDemocracy shows that nearly 400,000 U.K. companies don’t know or won’t say who that is.

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