• Olympic Losses: How a failed Cyprus-based insurer was seized by alleged Bulgarian gangsters

    Regulators missed Olympic Insurance’s criminal links. Then it collapsed, leaving 45m euros of unpaid claims.

  • Brazil: Reporter who Exposed Collusion Faces Criminal Charges

    Brazil’s State Prosecution Office has filed a criminal complaint against Glenn Greenwald, journalist and co-founder of the Intercept on Tuesday, accusing him of having illegally obtained a series of online chats between prosecutors and the judge who was overseeing Brazil’s biggest corruption case, Operation Car Wash.  

  • OCCRP-Related Lawsuit Settled

    For almost two years, OCCRP has been embroiled in a costly and time-consuming lawsuit brought against Paul Radu, the organization's co-founder, in London by an Azerbaijani businessman and member of parliament, Javanshir Feyziyev. Feyziyev was mentioned in our investigative project on the Azerbaijani Laundromat, a money-laundering network and financial fraud vehicle that moved billions of dollars through shell companies around the world, in his capacity as the one-time director and owner of Avromed, a major pharmaceutical company.

    OCCRP journalists and their legal team in London. (Credit: OCCRP)OCCRP journalists and their legal team in London. (Credit: OCCRP)

  • TI 2019 CPI: Global Decline in Fighting Graft

    Anti-graft efforts are stagnating or showing signs of backsliding in more than two-thirds of the world’s countries, including the most advanced economies of the G7, Transparency International (TI) warned on Thursday in its2019 Corruption Perception Index (CPI).

  • Weightlifting Chief Steps Aside for Doping and Graft Probe

    The president of the International Weightlifting Federation, IWF, will step aside for 90 days to allow independent investigators to look into allegations of corruption and doping violations made against him by a German TV station, the organization announced on Wednesday. 

  • Ukraine: Officers Take Ex-MP and Fraud Suspect off UK-Bound Plane

    Authorities removed a former member of Ukraine’s parliament from a London-bound flight that was about to take off, suspecting he was about to flee from prosecution after having been charged with land plot fraud, the Kyiv Post reported on Monday.

  • China: Ex-Interpol Chief Sentenced to 13 ½ Years for Bribery

    A Chinese court sentenced the former head of Interpol, Meng Hongwei, to 13 and a half years in prison for taking bribes while serving in China as a public security official and maritime police chief, the Guardian reported on Tuesday.

  • Leaks Show Large Firms Aided Dos Santos’ Offshore Empire

    A trove of 715,000 leaked emails, charts, contracts, and audits details how the daughter of the former Angolese president Isabel dos Santos, reportedly Africa’s richest woman, managed to amass and shield her US$2 billion fortune with the help of western consulting and accounting firms. 

  • Paraguay: Corrupt Guards May Have Helped 75 Prisoners to Escape

    When officers entered on Sunday morning one of the prison blocks in Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay, they found it completely empty apart from one inmate trying to disappear through a tunnel that was dug from one of the cells to the outside of the prison walls.

  • US: SEC Suspends Former KPMG Partner

    The US financial regulatory agencysuspended an accountant on Wednesday following a year-long prison sentence he received for having illicitly acquired confidential information about when and how KPMG, the accounting firm he worked for, would be inspected in order improve results. 

    KPMG Headquarters Photo Credit: Line Ørstavik (CC BY 2.0)KPMG Headquarters Photo Credit: Line Ørstavik (CC BY 2.0)The US Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, barred David Middendorf from practicing accounting in the three states he previously was certified in -- Georgia, New York, and Ohio. 

     Middendorf served as a former national managing partner for audit quality at the “Big Four” accounting firm, KPMG, at the time the firm fared poorly in inspections conducted by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, PCAOB, a nonprofit corporation overseen by the SEC that inspects the audit work performed by registered accounting firms.

     Under the leadership of Middendorf, several employees worked to improve the firm’s performance by recruiting and hiring former PCAOB employees and obtaining information on which KPMG audits would be inspected, according to the Department of Justice

    Jeffery Wada, an inspection leader at the PCAOB provided Cynthia Holder, a former PCAOB employee who was hired by KPMG, with confidential information about future audits on the company’s findings. 

     “I have the grocery list… All the things you’ll need for the year,” Wada texted Holder, in reference to the entire 2017 final confidential  inspection selections. Holder shared this information to Brian Sweet, another former PCAOB employee who had joined KPMG, who then passed the information on to Middendorf. 

     Authorities arrested the group in 2018 and charged them with conspiracy and wire fraud.

     A US$50 million fine was also issued to KPMG by the SEC last summer for altering past audit work. The firm was also ordered to hire an independent consultant “to review and assess the firm’s ethics and integrity controls and its compliance with various undertakings,” a press release by the agency stated. 

    “The breadth and seriousness of the misconduct at issue here is, frankly, astonishing,” Steven Peikin, Co-Director of the SEC’s Enforcement Division, said in the same press release. “This settlement reflects the need to severely punish this sort of wrongdoing while putting in place measures designed to prevent its recurrence.”

  • China: Banker Hid 3 Tons of Bribe Money in his Flat

    The former head of one of China’s banks admitted in a state TV documentary that he took millions of dollars in bribes and kept stashing some of them in a Beijing apartment “just like making regular trips to the supermarket,”Bloomberg reported last week.

  • Philippines: Ex-Police Chief to be Charged with Graft

    The Philippine Justice Department said on Thursday it will charge the former chief police enforcer of the country’s war on drugs with corruption for allegedly protecting officers linked to the narcotics trade, theAgence France Presse reported.

  • Goldman Sachs Braces For Q4 Losses Due to 1MDB Scandal

    One of the largest American investment banks, Goldman Sachs, reported a 24.8 percent drop in fourth quarter profits on Wednesday, which is likely connected to its involvement in the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal.

  • Lev Parnas: Trump Knew Well What I was Doing in Ukraine

    “President Trump knew exactly what was going on,” an associate of President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudi Giuliani said in an interview toMSNBC on Wednesday, referring to alleged efforts to force Ukraine into announcing a graft investigation into Trump’s political rival.

  • Estonia: Danske Bank Money Laundering Probe Expands

    The Estonian Prosecutor's Office confirmed on Thursday it expanded the investigation into money laundering through Danske bank’s Estonian branch from two to more than 10 cases that are involving suspicious transactions worth US$ 2 billion.

  • Peru: Police Detain 124 Drug Trafficking, Prostitution Suspects

    Peruvian authorities detained 124 people suspected of being members of an organized crime group involved in prostitution and drug trafficking, theMinistry of Interior announced on Monday.

  • Zimbabwe: Anglican Bishop Arrested for Fraud, Pocketing $700K

    The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission, ZACC, said on Wednesday that an Anglican  bishop was arrested for pocketing a US$700,000 loan he and his accomplices had taken out in 2016 to construct a school.

  • Russian Hackers Targeted Kyiv Firm Trump Wanted Probe

    Russian hackers tried to steal emails and email credentials from the Ukrainian gas company that found itself last year at the center of a scandal that led to President Donald Trump’s impeachment, a US cybersecurity company said in areport published on Monday.

  • Slovakia: Kuciak Killers Planned Other Hits, Says Witness

    Jan Kuciak wasn’t the only person notorious businessman Marian Kočner and his associate Alena Zsuzsová wanted to see dead, according to the explosive testimony of the only person convicted so far of involvement in the killing of the young Slovak journalist.

  • Press Freedom and Corruption in the Dock

    What you need to know about Slovakia’s ‘historic’ trial for the murder of Jan Kuciak


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