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Riviera Maya Gang

  • Romanian Prosecutors Fear Riviera Maya Gang Leader Might Flee Mexico

    Authorities in Romania said they fear that the chief of the so-called Riviera Maya gang, a criminal organization that stole more than a billion dollars by compromising ATMs across Mexican tourist destinations, might flee the Latin American country and escape justice.

  • Romanian Court Issues Warrant For Riviera Maya Gang Leader

    A Bucharest court issued a warrant on Wednesday for the arrest of Florian Tudor, the alleged chief of the so-called Riviera Maya Gang which stole more than a billion dollars by skimming credit cards belonging mainly to tourists visiting Mexico and withdrawing money from their accounts.

  • Riviera Maya Gang Members Sentenced in Romania

    A Bucharest court sentenced on Friday six members of the so-called Riviera-Maya Gang to prison terms between three and 10 years for setting up a large-scale skimming operation in Mexico.

  • Mexican President Wants Full Report on Riviera Maya Gang

    Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obradorasked the head of the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) to present a full report onThe Riviera Maya Gang, after the regulatorblocked nearly 80 bank accounts linked to the criminal organization suspected of having skimmed ATMs in Cancun and other tourist destinations across the country.

  • Mexican Politician Denies Links to Riviera Maya Gang

    A politician from Mexico’s green party (PVE) was removed from office after his alleged links to a Romanian gang that skimmed ATMs in several tourist destinations across the Riviera Maya were exposed. 

  • Mexico Freezes Accounts of Romanian Riviera Maya Gang

    As a result of a joint investigation with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Mexico’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) blocked dozens of bank accounts believed to be belonging to a Romanian gang allegedly involved in skimming ATMs in Cancun and other tourist destinations across the country.

  • Paul Radu Answers Questions on Cross-Border Journalism

    Every quarter, members of OCCRP’s Accomplice program submit questions to an OCCRP journalist about one of their investigations. For our first Q&A, Co-Founder Paul Radu answered questions about our recent investigation into a Romanian criminal syndicate that we’ve dubbed the “Riviera Maya gang,” which made over 1 billion dollars from rigged ATMs, mainly in Mexico.


  • Mexico Probes Romanians After Massive ATM Theft Exposed

    At the request of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Mexican authorities are investigating a Romanian organized crime group that OCCRP recently exposed as running one of the largest ATM scams in the world from its Cancún headquarters.

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