• Montenegrin Mafia Figures Killed in Greece

    A Montenegrin and a Serbian with ties to a criminal clan were killed last week in an ambush near a villa they had been renting at Halikouna village on the south of the Greek island of Corfu.

  • Montenegro Throws Five Tons of Seized Drugs into a Furnace

    Thick and dark grey smoke was pouring out of the chimney of the local furniture factory ‘Javorak’ in the western Montenegrin town of Nikšić on Monday, as the country’s anti-narcotics authorities burned about five tons of drugs in the factory’s furnace.

  • Ukraine Media: Wife Shot Back at Assassins of Kavač Clan Boss, 5 Nabbed

    A week after the alleged leader of a Montenegrin drug trafficking clan was badly injured in an assassination attempt in Ukraine, investigative journalists reported that the victim’s wife saved his life when she shot at the assassins. Another report said five were arrested, among them a local policeman - a claim authorities deny.

  • Montenegrin Crime Boss Shot in Ukraine, Suspects Arrested

    After a short but dramatic chase, Ukrainian authorities arrested on Wednesday four men for having tried to kill the alleged boss of a Montenegrin criminal clan that has been involved in a bloody war with a rival gang over control of cocaine smuggling from South America.

  • CoE Warns of Serbian Smear Campaign against KRIK Journalists

    Serbian investigative outlet KRIK is facing a public smear campaign from the Serbian state which is trying to discredit parts of an investigation KRIK has published in collaboration with OCCRP earlier in  May on the long and violent history of two organized crime groups from Montenegro, the Council of Europe stated on Monday. 

  • OCCRP Investigation Sparks Uproar Among Serbian Officials

    Reacting to an investigation into criminal gangs, Serbian pro-government tabloids on Wednesday unleashed a barrage of coverage echoing statements from political leaders who accused journalists of targeting the president’s son on behalf of the opposition. 

  • Balkan Cocaine Wars

    The rivalry between the Škaljari and the Kavač clans, which originated on opposite sides of a single mountain on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast, has upended the criminal underworld in the region. Crime groups have aligned themselves with one or the other, and some politicians and police have picked sides too.


  • Montenegrins Debating Disputed Access to Information Law

    Montenegro’s government extended on Friday the public debate period on controversial access to information legislation, allowing suggestions to be emailed for another 10 days, a statement from the Ministry of Public Administration said.

  • Aruba detains Montenegrins in Cocaine Bust

    Several Montenegrin citizens have been detained when authorities of the Caribbean island of Aruba intercepted earlier this week a ship carrying tons of cocaine destined for Europe, Montenegro’s Police Directorate told OCCRP on Thursday.

  • Montenegrin Police Cut Human Trafficking, Slavery Chain

    Montenegrin police say they found during a raid on Thursday nearly 100 people from Taiwan confined in three villas, where they were forced to commit unspecified cyber fraud that was targeting China and Taiwan.

  • Croatian Police Busts Network of Document Forgers

    Croatianpolice arrested on Wednesday 23 people, including police officials, suspected of being members of an organized crime group that forged documents. Media reports that the beneficiaries were members of two notorious mafia organizations from Serbia and Montenegro.

  • Court Dismissed: Montenegro Whistleblowers Fear Losing Legal Recourse

    Top judge says public officials fired by Parliament have no right to appeal to the courts.

    A police officer guards High Court in Podgorica, Montenegro, July 19, 2017.(CREDIT: REUTERS/Stevo Vasiljevic)A police officer guards High Court in Podgorica, Montenegro, July 19, 2017.(REUTERS/Stevo Vasiljevic)

  • Prosecutors Drop Investigation Into Millions Missing From Montenegro Bank

    Even as Atlas Bank was under interim management by the Central Bank, well-connected account holders managed to recover their millions. Ordinary citizens lost their savings.

  • Montenegro Launches Golden Visa Application Process

    Montenegro has on Thursday officiallylaunched the application process for its Citizens by Investment Program, otherwise known as the Golden Visa scheme, which offers rich foreigners and their families citizenship in return for investments worth hundreds of thousands of euros.

  • Montenegro: Draft Secrecy Law Would Fuel Corruption, Critics Warn

    Montenegro should scrap draft legislation that would allow the government to hide information about public spending, as such a law would open the door for corruption and undermine the country’s EU membership negotiations, activists say.

  • How Russian ‘Blood Money’ Flowed Into Montenegro

    Montenegro aspires to join the EU. But banking documents from the Troika Laundromat show that the country is a destination for millions of illicit dollars from Russia — and expose how the money was moved.

  • New Report Shows Democratic Backsliding in the Balkans

    Iron-fisted rulers are undermining state institutions and freedom of expression in the Western Balkans claims a report published on Wednesday by human rights watchdog Freedom House

  • Montenegrins Demand End to Corrupt Regime

    For the third time this month, Montenegrins took to the streets on Saturday demanding an end to the 30 year long rule of their president as well as an end to rampant corruption in the country. Organizers of the ‘97,000 Resist’ movement told OCCRP on Monday that the mass protests were triggered by the so-called “Envelope Affair.”

  • Montenegro Convicts Journalist of Criminal Association

    A Montenegro court found on Tuesday an investigative journalist, who was researching organized crime groups, guilty of drug trafficking and criminal association. International press freedom organisations labeled the verdict as unfair and demanded his immediate acquittal.

  • Montenegro: ex President had Millions on Secret Swiss Account

    Swiss authorities confirmed to Montenegro’s Prosecution Office that the wife of former President Svetozar Marovic had millions in an HSBC account in Switzerland at the time when he denied the family even had an account and offered the money alleged to be on it to anyone who proves it exists.

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