Miroslav Miskovic

  • Despite Hype, Numbers Show Serbia’s Stalling Anti-Corruption Fight

    Belgrade's High Court (Photo: Milica Stojanovic)Belgrade's High Court (Photo: Milica Stojanovic)

    On the early morning of Dec. 12, 2012, police came to the home of Miroslav Miskovic, one of Serbia’s most prominent businessmen, and escorted him into a car as cameras rolled. In no time, his arrest on allegations of corruption that cost the state €33 million (US$ 34.47 million) was breaking news on every Serbian television station and web portal.

  • Serbia: Tycoons Questioned over Assasination Attempt

    Serbian police have questioned prominent businessman Miroslav Miskovic in connection with an assasination attempt on former politician and business magnate Milan Beko.

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