• Narco-Plane Crash Lands in Mexico

    Footage uploaded to social media shows the dramatic aftermath of a crash-landing in Mexico, shortly after the plane had been used to smuggle almost 400 kilograms of cocaine into the country.

  • Mexico Probes Romanians After Massive ATM Theft Exposed

    At the request of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Mexican authorities are investigating a Romanian organized crime group that OCCRP recently exposed as running one of the largest ATM scams in the world from its Cancún headquarters.

  • Mexico: SRL Cartel Leader Issues Tearful Threat

    The alleged leader of a notorious Mexican cartel has issued a tearful message on social media, threatening retaliation against the government for the detention of his mother, sister and girlfriend following a spate of violence over the weekend.

  • Mexico: Tequila Companies Targeted in CJNG Sting

    Authorities in Mexico have reportedly identified several tequila vendors as front companies in an alleged money laundering operation run by one of the country’s most powerful drug syndicates. The move reflects a broader change in tactics by Mexico’s government, targeting cartels' pockets and the systemic causes of crime rather than opting for direct military action.

  • Mexico Freezes CJNG Bank Accounts, Leader Shot Dead

    Financial authorities in Mexico have frozen nearly 2,000 bank accounts with ties to the country’s second most powerful drug trafficking organisation just days after one of its leaders was shot dead during a concert live-streamed on social media.

  • Mexico Arrests Gangster Wanted for US Consulate Murders

    Law enforcement authorities in Mexico have captured a fugitive cartel leader wanted by the US for the 2010 slaying of a pregnant American consulate worker and her husband.

  • Mexico: Extradition, Gold AKs and Bearded Ladies

    It’s been an eventful week for Mexico, with the extradition of two high-profile cartel members to the US, threats made against a national newspaper by organised criminals and the seizure of a gold-plated assault rifle from the leader of a murderous syndicate calling themselves ‘The Women with Moustaches.’

  • Police in Mexico Unearth 25 Bodies From Mass Grave

    Mexican authorities made a gruesome discovery this weekend when they exhumed the bodies of 25 people from a mass grave near a farmhouse just outside of Guadalajara - against the backdrop of increasing cartel violence across the southwestern state of Jalisco.

  • Missing Mexican Journalist Case Exposes Rift with the Law

    The disappearance of Mexican journalist Victor Fernando Alvarez, whose head was allegedly found this month, has exposed divisions between law enforcement and the media as violence against journalists intensifies in a cartel-controlled Mexican port.

  • Gang Pulls Off Heist at Mexican Gold Mine

    An armed group has pulled off a daring heist at a gold mine in Mexico amid warnings that the coronavirus pandemic has made the sector vulnerable to organised crime.

  • Mexican Drug Cartel Gives Out Food to the Poor Amid Pandemic

    Alleged members of a Mexican narco cartel are delivering groceries to low-income families to help them overcome the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, a blog covering narco cartels in Mexico reported on Sunday.

  • Mexico Blocks Possible Sinaloa Cartel Accounts

    Authorities in Mexico have frozen several financial accounts that may have been used by the notorious Sinaloa Cartel to launder drug money.

  • Mexico Busts Former Pemex Chief for Graft

    Authorities in Mexico have reportedly arrested a former public official accused of embezzling more than US$1 million from the country’s corruption-riddled state-owned oil company.

  • Suppression of Press Freedom Accompanies COVID-19 Worldwide

    As the coronavirus is keeping the world locked down, some governments are using the pandemic as an excuse to crack down on press freedom and access to information. 

  • US Arrests Over 600 Suspected Members of Mexican Cartel

    In a series of nationwide raids, US authorities made more than 600 arrests and issued 350 indictments against suspected members of one of the world’s most violent gangs - the Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación or CJNG.

  • To Introduce Modesty, Mexican President Sells His Plane

    Starting Tuesday, Mexicans can buy special national lottery tickets that will give them a chance to become one of the 100 owners of a luxurious presidential plane which President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has decided to get rid of in an effort to show modesty.

  • Critic of Corruption Lost Case, But Mexico’s Supreme Court Steps In

    Mexico’s highest federal court intervened Wednesday to block a Mexico City court’s decision that ordered prominent writer and academic Sergio Aguayo Quezada to pay US$530,000 in damages to a high-ranking Mexican politician he accused of corruption in a newspaper article.  

  • Mexican Corruption Prosecutor Opens 680 Investigations

    Eight months after she was appointed as Mexico’s first ever Chief Anticorruption Prosecutor, Luz Mijangos Borja has opened 680 investigations, an “impressive” early track record considering the challenges she faced, said a US-based blog covering the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

  • US Arrests Mexico Ex-Minister on Drug Charges

    Mexico’s former security minister has been arrested in the United States on charges of cocaine trafficking and accepting millions in bribes to help the Sinaloa cartel traffic drugs.

  • At Least 21 Killed in Mexican Gun Battle

    A weekend gun battle between Mexican security forces and dozens of members of a presumed drug cartel left at least 21 people dead, including four policemen and two bystanders, according to authorities and multiple news reports.

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