Matteo Messina Denaro

  • Italy Arrests Camorra's “Godmother”

    Police in Italy arrested on Saturday one of the country’s most wanted organized crime figures — 70-year-old Maria Licciardi, also known as “Madrina” or “The Godmother” of the Naples-based Camorra.

  • Police Crack Down on Sicilian Mafia Suspects

    Italian authorities arrested on early Tuesday morning one person and searched 25 homes looking for the alleged boss of a major Sicilian mafia clan who is hiding from them for more than two decades.

  • Italy Seizes $1.7b in Mafia-Linked Property

    Italian authorities have seized €1.5 billion ($US 1.7 billion) in assets from the heirs of a late businessman who had allegedly built his wealth on funds provided by Sicily’s notorious Cosa Nostra organized crime group, the country’s Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate (DIA) announced Saturday.

  • Italy: 22 Associates of Revered Cosa Nostra Boss Arrested

    Italian police announced on Thursday that they arrested 22 close associates of the boss of all bosses of the Sicilian mafia, who has been on the run since 1993 but still kept issuing orders on paper notes, or “pizzini,” some of which were hidden under a rock.

  • Italy: UniCredit Vice-Chairman Suspected of Mafia Links

    Fabrizio Palenzona, vice-chairman of the Italian banking group UniCredit, is being investigated by Florence’s anti-Mafia department in connection with the alleged infiltration of the finance sector by Mafia figures.

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