• Kyrgyzstan Closes Case Against Powerful Former Customs Boss

    Kyrgyzstan has closed a money laundering case against former deputy chief of customs Raimbek Matraimov and released him from custody, putting an end to the investigation of a corruption scandal that marked last year’s election and made him hand over more than US$24 million to the country’s budget.

  • Raimbek Matraimov’s Mysterious Shopping Spree

    After agreeing to compensate the Kyrgyz government for years of corruption, the powerful former official went on a last-minute shopping spree, buying up apartments across Bishkek to give to the authorities.


  • Kyrgyz Ex-Deputy Custom Chief, Matraimov, Back in Jail

    A Bishkek court has put Raimbek Matraimov, former deputy head of the Kyrgyzstan’s Customs Service, in pre-trial detention on Saturday, after the State Committee for National Security (GKNB) rearrested him last week.

  • Kyrgyz Ex-Customs Official Matraimov Pleads Guilty to Graft, Fined $3000

    A district court in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan's capital, ordered Raimbek Matraimov, the former deputy chairman of the Kyrgyz customs service to pay a US$3,000 fine after he pleaded guilty on Thursday to orchestrating numerous corruption schemes and agreed to testify against his accomplices.

  • Kyrgyzstan Arrests Former PM for Environmental Graft

    Authorities in Kyrgyzstan have detained former Prime Minister Mukhammedkalyi Abylgaziev over allegations of corruption and profiteering relating to gold-mining operations in the Issyk-Kul region, including an environmentally-protected area.

  • The 'Beautiful' Life of a Kyrgyz Customs Official

    Raimbek Matraimov is a powerful Kyrgyz political operator known for his massive wealth. This investigation into his wife’s social media accounts reveals the opulent lifestyle his family enjoyed even as he declared only a modest salary in the country’s customs service.


  • The Kolbayev Connection

    A private resort village on the shores of Kyrgyzstan’s Lake Issyk Kul is among the clues that connect former Kyrgyz customs boss Raimbek Matraimov and notorious criminal leader Kamchy Kolbayev.


  • U.S. Sanctions Matraimov Under Magnitsky Act

    The United States on Wednesday sanctioned a number of corrupt actors and their networks across several countries in Africa and Asia, among them a key figure from a number of OCCRP’s investigations.

  • Kyrgyz Authorities Arrest Raiymbek Matraimov

    Raiymbek Matraimov is in custody. Kyrgyzstan National Security (GKNB) officers Tuesday arrested Matraimov, the  former deputy chairman of the country’s Customs Service (GTS). He is suspected of stealing millions of dollars from the country’s budget since 2016, GKNB said in a statement.

  • New Kyrgyz Authorities Act Against Graft, Matraimov

    Newly appointed Kyrgyz authorities have opened an investigation into corruption at the Kyrgyzstan’s State Customs Service (GTS), suspected of stealing millions of dollars from the country’s budget since 2016.

  • When the State Went Missing

    Here’s how Kyrgyz citizens banded together during a week of political chaos to take care of each other when their state couldn’t.

  • Pro-Government Election Victory Sparks Overnight Revolution in Kyrgyzstan

    Enraged over an election they saw as undermined by rampant vote-buying, thousands stormed Kyrgyzstan’s parliament and presidential offices and took over government buildings throughout the country in an overnight revolution that on Tuesday forced election officials to declare the election void, OCCRP member center Kloop reported.

  • Lawsuit Resumes Against Targeted Media Outlets in Kyrgyzstan

    Two Kyrgyz news media outlets, Radio Azattyk and Kloop, along with journalist Ali Toktakunov are standing trial on Wednesday as they face a prolonged lawsuit filed by the Matraimov family for exposing its involvement in a US$700 million money laundering operation. 

  • Kyrgyz Court Unfreezes Accounts Of Investigative Reporters

    A Kyrgyz court unfroze on Friday the bank accounts of two media outlets and a journalist after they were briefly blocked by a libel suit an influential family filed over an article that revealed their alleged involvement in a corruption scheme.

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