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  • Environmental Destruction Thrives on Tax Havens, says Paper

    It’s not just hedonistic politicians: illegal fishing, deforestation and other forms of environmental degradation thrive off of the protections offered by the world’s tax havens, according to a new paper by researchers at Stockholm University. 

  • Felling Namibia’s Ancient Giants

    Ancient hardwood trees in Namibia’s Caprivi State Forest are being poached by a controversial Chinese businessman who’s exploiting legal loopholes the government won’t close.

    Felled trees in the Caprivi State Forest. (Credit: John Grobler)Felled trees in the Caprivi State Forest. (Credit: John Grobler)

  • Clear Cut Crimes

    poster Clear Cut Crimes 1 copy

    The once-lush woods have been turned into a graveyard of stumps. Once extending from northern Romania to western Ukraine, the last virgin forests in Europe were mercilessly cut down.

  • IKEA's Forest Recall

    The retail giant IKEA is one of the world’s largest furniture makers, using one percent of the global wood supply each year to make about 100 million pieces of inexpensive, smartly designed furniture sold through its international network of stores.

  • Romania: Austrian Firm at Center of Illegal Logging Scandal

    An investigation by RISE Project, an OCCRP partner, has revealed how an Austrian-based company bought huge volumes of timber from controversial local logging firms over the past two years.

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