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ATM theft

  • German, Dutch Police Arrest Violent ATM Robbers

    German and Dutch authorities have nabbed eight members of a criminal gang suspected of robbing a number of ATMs in Germany, costing millions of euros in damage.

  • Authorities Arrest 13 over German ATM Attacks

    In an operation finalized last week, German, Dutch and Belgian authorities have last week arrested 13 gang members who have stolen over 1.6 million euros (US$1.7 million) after bombing several cashpoints across Germany.

  • Mexico Arrests Leader of Gang that Stole a Billion by Manipulating ATMs

    Acting on an extradition request made by Romania, Mexican authorities arrested on Thursday Florian Tudor, the alleged leader of an organized criminal group that stole more than a billion dollars by compromising ATMs in tourist destinations across Mexico.

  • Paul Radu Answers Questions on Cross-Border Journalism

    Every quarter, members of OCCRP’s Accomplice program submit questions to an OCCRP journalist about one of their investigations. For our first Q&A, Co-Founder Paul Radu answered questions about our recent investigation into a Romanian criminal syndicate that we’ve dubbed the “Riviera Maya gang,” which made over 1 billion dollars from rigged ATMs, mainly in Mexico.


  • Mexico Probes Romanians After Massive ATM Theft Exposed

    At the request of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Mexican authorities are investigating a Romanian organized crime group that OCCRP recently exposed as running one of the largest ATM scams in the world from its Cancún headquarters.

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