BiH: Three Suspects in Alleged Auto Theft Ring Detained

Опубликовано: 09 Июль 2014


Arrested suspects. Photo: SIPA

Police officers from the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) apprehended three people allegedly involved in an auto theft organized crime ring spanning Sarajevo and East Sarajevo.

The detained persons were arrested for organized crime, under Article 250 of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Criminal Code; smuggling of goods, under Article 214; and aggravated theft, under Article 287 of the Federation’s Criminal Code.

The detainees are under investigation for their activities in Skolac, a municipality in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina that serves as an important transit route from Sarajevo to Belgrade as well as the Adriatic Sea.

The suspects have not been charged with any crimes at this point, and are being held by SIPA for processing—after which they will be handed over to the Prosecutor’s office.

SIPA information officer Kristina Jozić said the investigations are ongoing.