German, Dutch Police Arrest Violent ATM Robbers

Опубликовано: 20 Ноябрь 2023

ATM FlickrA violent criminal group was destroying and robbing ATMs in Germany. (Photo: thinkpanama, Flickr, License)

German and Dutch authorities have nabbed eight members of a criminal gang suspected of robbing a number of ATMs in Germany, costing millions of euros in damage.

The European Union’s law enforcement agency, Europol, stated Thursday that “eight suspects responsible for 5.5 million euros (US$5.98 million) in damages” were arrested, while cash, luxury goods,tools and explosives were seized.

The crooks have stolen over 2 million euros ($2.17 million) and caused at least 3.5 million euros ($3.8 million) in property damage, Europol says.The suspects used powerful explosives to blow up ATMs, often located in residential buildings, before speeding away in cars.

According to Europol, the violent criminal group of Dutch nationals is responsible for blowing up at least 23 cash machines across Germany, using powerful explosives and causing serious damage.

This posed a direct threat to people as some of the ATMs were in residential structures, risking fires or structural damages to the buildings.

“When committing the crime itself, perpetrators typically act with no regard to the health and safety of persons living in a building where a target ATM is located,” Europol said.

After completing their “explosive mission”, they would flee in cars, “driving recklessly and at high speed,” according to Europol.

It also said that prior to an attack on a cash machine, the perpetrators would scout prospective attack sites and escape routes, and would then usually show up in the middle of the night in vehicles that were either stolen or had stolen plates.

According to Europol, the crime of blowing up ATMs is “particularly prevalent” in Germany.

Europol said that the odd thing is that the frequency of such crimes in the Netherlands is dropping, despite the fact that “most perpetrators are based in the Netherlands and operate from there.”