Sudan’s al-Bashir Questioned About Terrorist Financing

Sudanese investigators have interrogated ousted President Omar al-Bashir about possible terrorist financing and money laundering, according to news reports.

Omar al Bashir FOusted Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir questioned about alleged terrorism financing. (Photo: U.S. Navy)Al-Bashir was questioned on Sunday about money allegedly provided to the Muslim Brotherhood and other “international terrorist agents,” the Turkish state news agency Anadolu reported, citing a statement by the Sudanese Attorney General’s office.

The agency said that he was also asked about improper procedures around deals with international telecommunications companies.

The questioning came after a court sentenced the former president in December to two years for corruption following a raid of his house during which police had found suitcases with cash worth hundreds of million of dollars. Several millions he had received from Saudi Arabia.

The 75-year-old is being held in a reform center rather than a prison due to his age.

Sudan’s military removed al-Bashir from the presidency in April 2019 following months of protests that erupted when the government tripled the price of bread.

Soon after he was arrested and charged with incitement and involvement in the killing of protesters, according to BBC. The corruption charges that led to his conviction came a month later.

Al-Bashir is also being investigated for violating the constitution when he took part in a military coup in 1989, while a corruption investigation into his family’s wealth is ongoing.

Apart from all the indictments at home, the International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued a warrant for his arrest in 2009 in relation to atrocities committed against civilians in the western region of Darfur.

Sudan’s government said last week that it would hand over al-Bashir to the inetrnational court, where he faces charges of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.