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    The last five decades have seen the dramatic globalization of organized crime and corruption, now totaling trillions of dollars every year. With the help of a “criminal services industry” — corrupt banks, law firms, registration agents, and lobbyists — criminal networks have steadily grown their markets, and the world’s most corrupt officials and tycoons easily loot, launder, and hide stolen money for future use. The result is an unprecedented transfer of wealth and global web of high-level corruption and organized crime that has fueled global inequality, the rise of extremist groups, and the decline of democratic institutions all over the world.

  • OCCRP Launches New Website. Welcome!

    Welcome to OCCRP’s brand new website.

    Operating in HTML5, it is now primed to look just as beautiful and operate just as smoothly on mobile devices as it does on larger screens.

     Here, OCCRP will continue to deliver and expand its wide range of daily news, pertinent projects and deep investigations.

    Any problems encountered using the site, as well as feedback and comments, can be sent to daily@occrp.org.

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