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  • Banker On The Run

    When Lithuania’s AB Bankas Snoras imploded in 2011, its main shareholders, Vladimir Antonov and Raimondas Baranauskas, had already left for the United Kingdom, where Antonov had accomplished a long-held dream to take over the Portsmouth Football Club.

  • Report: Lithuania Govt Deals Favor Oil Co. at Expense of Own Budget

    A subsidiary of a major Polish oil company that operates in Lithuania received hundreds of millions of dollars in discounts for freight transportation along with other special treatment from Lithuanian Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis’s government, according to an investigative report by 15min.lt.  

  • Lithuania: Son of First President’s Widow Sentenced for Tax Evasion

    The son of Lithuania’s first president’s widow was sentenced on Friday for tax fraud in a criminal case launched after OCCRP’s Lithuanian partners exposed his property in Florida and illegal possession of some 400 thousand dollars.

  • Lithuania: Ruzhechko Detained for Spoiling Friendship’s Oil

    Lithuanian authorities said on Friday that Roman Ruzhechko, who is suspected of causing billions in losses for contaminating one of the largest Russian oil pipelines earlier this year, has been detained in Vilnius and has asked for political asylum,Reuters reported.

  • A Fractured Olympic Fairy Tale

    Over the past 15 years, a lottery created to fund Lithuania’s Olympic athletes has outsourced more and more functions — and profits — to private companies founded by lottery executives.


  • Lithuanian Tied to Money Laundering Funds Kremlin’s Church

    A company owned by a Lithuanian businessman who allegedly was part of a network that laundered money looted by the dictator of Equatorial Guinea has donated funds for the construction of the third highest church in Russia that will serve as the principal temple of Russia’s armed forces.

  • Lithuania Detains 26, Including Top Judges, for Corruption

    Lithuanian authorities detained on Wednesday 26 people, including judges and lawyers, in a large-scale anti-corruption probe of the judiciary. The suspects are accused of large-scale bribery, trading in influence and abuse of powers.

  • The Wayward Millions of Lithuania’s Runaway Banker

    Lithuania’s Vladimir Romanov absconded to Russia more than four years ago, leaving investigators grasping to recoup millions they believe he stole from Ukio Bankas. They’re still chasing the money today.

    The London property at the heart of a dispute involving Lithuania’s Vladimir Romanov. (Credit: Edin Pasovic/OCCRP)The London property at the heart of a dispute involving Lithuania’s Vladimir Romanov. (Credit: Edin Pasovic/OCCRP)

  • Lord of the Land: Leader of Lithuania’s Ruling Party Exposed

    The chairman of Lithuania’s ruling party once promised to end backroom deals and graft. But investigations into his agricultural businesses reveal he may have plenty to hide himself.

    Ramunas Karbauskis, Chairman of Lithuania’s ruling Farmers and Greens Union. Credit: Julius Kalinskas / 15minRamunas Karbauskis, Chairman of Lithuania’s ruling Farmers and Greens Union. Credit: Julius Kalinskas / 15min

  • Lithuania's ex-President's Widow Entangled in Tax Evasion

    Lithuanian authorities said on Monday they have raised tax evasion charges against the son of the ex-president’s widow because the company he runs and co-owns with his mother allegedly failed to pay some €40,000 in profit tax on a real estate trade in Florida.

  • Lithuania: Minister of Agriculture Resigns over Misuse of Land

    Lithuania’s minister of agriculture was forced to step down on Wednesday after journalists disclosed his family was cultivating other people’s land without permission and that it was even getting EU subsidies for it.

  • Lithuania: Police Arrest 19 Gangsters, Find Guns and Explosives

    After a two-year investigation, 300 heavily armed police officers bursted the doors of more than 100 villas and apartments in the early morning hours and arrested 19 alleged members of one of Lithuania’s most dangerous crime groups.

  • Lithuania: Impeachment Launched Against MP Exposed by OCCRP partners

    Lithuania’s parliament is launching an impeachment procedure against a lawmaker who was found to have financially benefited from a business he protected as a legislator. The move comes after the same parliament shocked the public last week by failing to expel another lawmaker who had broken his oath.

  • Lithuania: Controversial MP Resigns on the Eve of Protest

    A day after the Lithuanian parliament failed to impeach him for breaking his oath of office, a formerly influential lawmaker resigned on Wednesday, a day before scheduled protests against the scandalous parliament vote.

  • Lithuanian MP Survives Impeachment After Breaking his Oath

     Lithuanian lawmaker survived an impeachment on Tuesday after the parliament failed to gather enough votes to remove him although he had broken his oath.

  • Lithuanian Minister Admits Abuse in Issuing Residential Permits

    Lithuanian public servants issued resident permits to non-EU citizens knowing the submitted data on the requests were false, Interior Minister Eimutis Misiunas said on Wednesday.

  • Lithuanian Lawmaker Faces Impeachment after OCCRP Probe

    A Lithuanian lawmaker is facing impeachment after a parliamentarian investigation confirmed media reports claiming he was financially benefiting from renewable energy businesses whose interests he was protecting as a legislator.

  • Paradise Papers: Bono’s Lithuanian Company Agrees to Pay Additional Tax

    A Lithuanian business partly owned by U2’s lead singer Paul David Hewson – or Bono – agreed with the local tax office to pay €53,000 (US$63,743) in additional tax and fine after an audit based on Paradise Papers leaks found the business had not paid all of its taxes.

  • Lithuania: Parliament Adopts Version of Magnitsky Act

    Lithuanian Parliament unanimously passed on Thursday a version of the Magnitsky Act—legislation that allows sanctions to be imposed against individuals suspected of involvement in human rights violations.

  • An Ill Wind: Lithuanian MP Investigated over Windfall, Gazprom Ties

    Artūras Skardžius, a member of the Lithuanian parliament who is deeply involved in energy issues, is under investigation for a windfall his family received from renting land to a company that subleased parts of it to a wind farm.

    Credit: Lukas Balandis / 15minWind turbines in Lithuania's Šilutė district. (Photo by: Lukas Balandis / 15min)

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