OCCRP Statement of Kyiv Post Lawsuit

Опубликовано: 15 Декабрь 2010

Recently, OCCRP partner, the Kyiv Post, was sued in London by Ukrainian oligarch Dymytro Firtash.

The OCCRP wishes to express its support for the Kyiv Post and believes that British courts are not the proper jurisdiction for this disagreement.  While libel and slander laws are in place to protect citizens from being wrongfully accused, the practice of libel tourism, or suing in a place where the libel laws are more plaintiff friendly, is wrong and should be considered tantamount to harassment of independent media.  The UK continues to have draconian laws and its courts continue to wrongfully accept the whole Internet as its jurisdiction.  OCCRP kindly asks the UK courts to stop saddling the world media with its aberrant and destructive laws.  Furthermore, it is totally inappropriate for British courts with British standards to judge a Ukrainian newspaper working under Ukrainian standards.  The Kyiv Post must report in their world -- the lawless and non-transparent environment that is Ukrainian business and politics.  It is the same environment that has allowed the plaintiff to flourish.  This is a Ukrainian issue best left to Ukrainian courts.  We urge the UK courts to reject this case.  They are not the proper arbiter.