Webinar with OCCRP’s Africa Team: How Illicit Finance Fuels Corruption and Environmental Destruction on the Continent

Опубликовано: 04 Июнь 2021


Grand corruption in Gambia. State capture in South Africa. Rosewood plunder in Namibia. Azerbaijani weapon deals in Congo. A secret banking network in Angola.

Bringing decades of expertise, OCCRP journalists will discuss the illicit financial schemes that have enabled corruption and environmental destruction throughout sub-Saharan Africa in a live webinar on June 15 at 11:30 a.m. EDT/5:30 p.m. SAST. The one-hour event will include time for questions at the end.

Khadija Sharife, Mark Anderson, and Beauregard Tromp have exposed elites and public officials who have siphoned off public money across the continent in places like Angola, Gambia, Namibia, and South Africa, where the three are based. In this webinar, they will discuss the financial institutions that facilitate this corruption by helping offenders stash assets in foreign banks or obscuring dubious transactions from public scrutiny.

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A Zoom link will be sent to those who register. Please note that participant information can remain anonymous upon request.

For more information, please contact Engagement Editor Charles Turner at charles@occrp.org.