Czech Republic: PM Steps Down Amid Spying Scandal

Published: 17 June 2013


Czech Prime Minister Petr Nečas announced his resignation in the wake of accusations that a senior aide was involved in high-profile corruption and spying, Deutsche Welle reported.

Prosecutors charged Jana Nagyova, the prime minister’s chief of staff, with bribing members of parliament and accused her of using the country’s intelligence services for illegal surveillance. Seven others have also been charged in connection with the case, according to Deutsche Welle.

Despite his resignation on Sunday, Nečas denies any knowledge of criminal activity.

His aide was arrested during a raid by the Czech anti-corruption and organized crime authorities on June 13. About 400 police officers searched multiple government offices and businesses. At the time, Nečas rebuffed calls for his resignation and voiced his support for his aide.

Nečas’s resignation will mean the current government will also step down. It will continue to function in a caretaker role until a new coalition is created. If attempts to form a new government fail, the president will likely call for fresh elections, Deutsche Welle reported.