Spain Preparing to Extradite Serbian Drug Lord

Published: 03 April 2012


Spain has agreed to continue the extradition process for accused Serbian organized crime boss Luka Bojovic, and his associates Vladimir Milisavljevic and Sinisa Petric, El Mundo reported  Friday. The three were arrested in Valencia, Spain in February

At the request of the Spanish Minister of Justice, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon, the Council of Ministers has agreed to move forward with the extraditions. Bojovic, a prominent member of the Zemun organized crime group based near Belgrade, Serbia, is wanted in several countries for crimes including murder, organized crime, illegal possession of weapons, counterfeiting and kidnapping.

Among the articles found in Bojovic’s possession after his arrest in Spain were dozens of coded notes. The Spanish prosecutors believe that these notes could be records of instructions for various “jobs” or reports on completed gang actions. As it is highly unusual for a gang to keep written records of their activities, the authorities speculate that these notes – all of which were found in Bojovic’s possession – could be used to blackmail dissenting members of the gang.

The authorities believe that some of the notes were used for communication between Bojovic and jailed Zemun clan members, such as Milorad “Legija” Ulemek. Some of the notes allegedly point to the 2006 murder of a clan “traitor” Milan Jurisic, whose mutilated remains may have been found recently in Madrid. Other notes contain information about money, and may be related to cocaine trafficking. The notes are currently with the investigating judge in Spain.

It was not immediately clear which country would get to prosecute Bojovic first. Since Bojovic is a Serbian citizen, and since he committed the worst of his crimes in his native country, Serbia was given the priority.

Bojovic has been linked to more than 20 murders in Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Spain and the Netherlands.