Equatorial Guinea's Oil Minister Allegedly Siphoned Off Millions from Public Construction Project

Portuguese construction firm Armando Cunha is accused of paying more than 10 million euros to companies linked to Gabriel Mbega Obiang Lima.

Crime, Corruption and Coronavirus
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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Named OCCRP’s 2020 Corrupt Person of the Year

Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil, has been named the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project’s 2020 Person of the Year for his role in promoting organized crime ...
30 Dec 2020

‘They Are Finishing the Trees’: Chinese Companies and Namibian Elites Make Millions Illegally Logging the Last Rosewoods

Jacobus Oma looked sadly at the stockpile of several hundred ancient rosewood logs he had just helped to load onto a Chinese-owned truck in northeastern Namibia. Some ...
18 Dec 2020
John Grobler

Egyptian Medical Staff Treating COVID-19 Patients Given Old, Fake Masks

The masks, imported over a decade ago, are listed as counterfeit by U.S. regulators.
18 Dec 2020
Sayyed El-Sayyed (ARIJ) and OCCRP

New Tool Helps Journalists in Arab World Follow the Money

ARIJ Aleph Archive makes millions of records available in Arabic.  
17 Dec 2020

China’s Oppressed Uighurs Made COVID-19 Protection Sold Throughout Europe

Major international distributors are selling masks and other COVID-19 protective equipment across Europe made by Chinese companies linked to possible forced labor by Uighur Muslims. Some has ...
16 Dec 2020
Ola Westerberg, Aubrey Belford, Matteo Civillini, Migle Kranceviciute, and Peter Svaar

Inside the Sinaloa Cartel’s Move Toward Europe

Police agencies have long known that Mexican drug cartels help supply Europe’s nearly US$10 billion annual cocaine habit, but acknowledge they have little idea about the workings ...
15 Dec 2020
Cecilia Anesi and Giulio Rubino (IrpiMedia)




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