• Poaching in East Africa is Endangering the Survival of Cheetahs

    Cheetah trafficking rates by sea from East Africa to Yemen reportedly increased by 58% between March 2020 and February 2021; once captured by poachers, these spotted cats are predominantly destined for the palaces of royalty and wealthy families in the Middle East and South-East Asia.

  • U.S. Navy Intercepts a Ship Loaded with Illegal Weapons in Arabian Sea

    The U.S. Navy said it intercepted in the North Arabian Sea a so-called stateless dhow a single or double masted sailing ship, bearing no flag to signify it’s nation of origin or registry but carrying illicit weapons and ammunition enough to supply a not insignificant military force. 

  • UN Report Accuses Yemen’s Warring Sides of Corruption

    Warring parties in Yemen have diverted millions of dollars of public money into their military campaigns and into the pockets of their warlords, abusing foreign aid as well as tax and customs revenues, U.N. sanction monitors found.

  • Riyadh to Probe Chief of Saudi Forces in Yemen for Graft

    At the behest of the Crown Prince, the King of Saudi Arabia has sacked the commander of the country’s armed forces in Yemen, along with five other officers including the commander’s son, over allegations of corruption, referring them to the country’s anti-graft agency for investigation.

  • Conflict in Yemen Sees Iranian Arms Trafficked to Somalia

    An international organised crime-watchdog has warned that Iranian weapons and ammunition supplied to Houthi insurgents in Yemen may be making their way onto East Africa’s black market.

  • NGOs Decry Death Sentences Against Yemen Journalists

    More than 150 non-governmental organizations have spoken out against death sentences handed down last month by a Houthi rebel court in Yemen to four journalists whose reporting the Houthis see as espionage and treason. 

  • UN Probes Corruption in its Yemen Agencies

    The United Nations is investigating allegations that members of its staff stationed in Yemen were involved in corruption, nepotism, and have allowed a senior Houthi rebel access to a UN vehicle, an Associated Press investigation revealed Monday. 

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