war crimes

  • Report: Russia Sends Ukrainian Children to Re-education Camps

    Russia has “systematically relocated” possibly more than 6,000 children from Ukraine to several re-educating and adoption facilities in occupied Crimea and mainland Russia, which could be considered a war crime, the Yale School of Public Health’s Humanitarian Research Lab (HRL) warned.

  • Ukraine Uncovers Antiquities Looted from Crimean Museums

    While investigating money laundering linked to the funding of Russian occupied territories, Ukrainian authorities said they discovered a trove of ancient Scythian weapons believed to have been looted from museums in occupied Crimea, Ukraine’s general prosecutor revealed in a statement on Friday.

  • Eurojust, ICC to Probe War Crimes in Ukraine

    For the first time ever, the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) will join a Eurojust joint investigation team, JIT, which was formed to probe whether genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes have been commited in Ukraine.

  • Central African Militia Leader Appears at ICC

    A Central African Republic militia leader appeared on Tuesday before a pre-trial chamber of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands, after he was last week handed over by Chad to face charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

  • Swedish Oil Execs Indicted for Complicity in War Crimes

    In a rare case for a Western company, two top executives from Lundin Energy of Sweden were indicted on Thursday for complicity in grave war crimes committed in Sudan between 1999 and 2003, when the Sudanese army allegedly indiscriminately killed civilians to pave way for Lundin’s oil exploration, prosecutors argue.

  • Paramilitary Group Wagner Sued in Russia for War Crimes in Syria

    Three non-governmental organizationsannounced on Monday that they have helped a Syrian man sue in Moscow members of the Russian paramilitary group Wagner for war crimes, accusing them of cruelly killing his brother in Syria.

  • Colombian ‘False Positives’ Fugitive Arrested in Spain

    Spanish Authorities announced on Monday the arrest of one of Colombia’s most wanted criminals who was sought for his murderous role in the “false positives” scandal of the 2000s, when soldiers killed innocent people and then dressed them as guerrilla fighters to secure combat medals, promotions and other benefits.

  • Colombian Soldiers Threatened for Reporting War Crimes

    Colombian investigators on Friday ordered the protection of 11 soldiers who testified against former General Mario Montoya and former Colonel Hernan Mejia who are accused of killing civilians after having dressed them as rebel fighters, according to Colombia Reports.

  • Myanmar: Insurgents Destroy Poppy Fields but Extort Civilians

    New eyewitness reports say that the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), an armed insurgent group in Myanmar, is extorting money from vehicles traveling along the Mandalay-Muse highway in the war-torn Shan state in the country’s north.

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