• Croatian Oil Company Hit by Record Financial Embezzlement

    A court in Zagreb ordered on Monday five people who were arrested over the weekend to remain in detention on suspicion of defrauding Croatia’s main oil and gas company INA of more than a billion Croatian kunas (US$133 million) by reselling the company’s gas abroad for 10 times the purchase price and keeping the difference for themselves.

  • Croatian, Serbian Police Arrest Suspected Drug Lords

    Croatian police arrested 10 people suspected of being part of a violent criminal network that brought cocaine from South America to Europe. Simultaneously, police in neighboring Serbia again arrested Serbian cocaine king Darko Šarić, who appears to have been cooperating with the group in Croatia.

  • Croatian Anti-Corruption Police Arrest Head of State TV

    Several close associates of Zagreb’s former mayor, including the head of the state media HRT, were arrested in Croatia on suspicion of corruption, bribery and abuse of power.

  • Officials Say Croatian Port Appears to be New Entry Point for Drugs

    Croatian police confiscated nearly 600 kilograms of cocaine concealed in a shipment of bananas that arrived from South America to the Adriatic port of Ploče. Officials say that with increased controls in ports in Western and Northern Europe, organized crime seems to be looking for alternative routs in the south of the continent.

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