• Without a Trace

    Last century, tobacco was one of the world’s most successful industries. This century, if current trends continue, it is expected to kill one billion people.

  • Europe: 18 People Arrested for Tobacco Smuggling

    In a coordinated operation, police from seven European countries arrested 18 suspects of money laundering and illegal trade and storage of around 670 tonnes of tobacco, Europol announced on Tuesday.

  • Fake Cigarette Ring Exposes Jordan’s Corruption Woes

    A high-profile trial against businessmen, a former minister, and two dozen accomplices shines a spotlight on illicit cigarette production, widespread smuggling, and the government’s struggle to hold its officials accountable.

    (Credit: Edin Pasovic)(Credit: Edin Pasovic)

  • Ukrainians Protest Alleged Yanukovych Link to Tobacco Distributor

    Ukrainian lawmakers Sergey Vysotsky, Ihor Lapin and Andriy Levus rallied protesters yesterday in Kyiv, Lviv, Ternopil, Rivne, Kovel and Lutsk to blockade warehouses allegedly owned by Russia’s largest tobacco distributor, reported the Kyiv Post, an OCCRP partner.

  • Albania: Drug Destructions Could Mark the Fall of ‘Cannabis Kingdom’

    Nearly all the cannabis plants being grown in Albania have now been destroyed, officials said Wednesday.

  • Serbia: ‘Record’ Seizure of Smuggled Tobacco

    Serbian authorities arrested 12 people and seized 1,338 tons of dried tobacco from a warehouse in Ljubovija, western Serbia, on Thursday Jan. 9. The haul was reportedly worth 295 million Serbian dinar (US$ 2.9 million) and, if sold, would have defrauded the Serbian taxpayer of 139 million dinars (US$ 1.3 million) in unpaid tax and duties.

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