• KRIK Editor Accepts Knight Award

    OCCRP Regional editor and editor-in-chief of Serbian investigative outlet KRIK, Stevan Dojčinović, accepted the prestigious Knight International Journalism Award at the International Center for Journalists’s Awards Dinner in Washington, DC last week. 

  • Serbia: Police Seize Weapons, Arrest Instagram Star & Friend

    Serbianpolice arrested last week an Instagram star and her friend after officers found a significant amount of weapons and ammunition in their apartments in Novi Sad.

  • How a Meeting on a Yacht May Have Changed Kosovo’s Political History

    A newly revealed photo shows a Kosovar businessman and politician meeting with an alleged organized crime figure. Shortly afterwards, he unexpectedly joined Kosovo’s largest Serbian party in a governing coalition — earning him the post of foreign minister.


  • Serbians Believe Small Gifts for Doctors Aren’t Bribery

    Serbian citizens have been paying on average 74 euro (US$81.6) in bribes last year, mostly to health workers, showed astudy the Serbian Prevention and Fight Against Corruption Project conducted among 1,000 citizens.

  • Serbia’s KRIK Attacked by Pro-Government Tabloid

    Hours after Serbian investigative outlet KRIK revealed that the brother of the country’s Finance Minister was using a car owned by two businessmen who regularly receive lucrative government contracts, a pro-regime tabloid accused a KRIK reporter of harassing the brother’s girlfriend and her baby.

  • New Details About Serbian Mafia’s Ties to Politicians Revealed

    The retired head of Serbia’s Criminal Police confirmed years-long rumors about the complex ties between the country’s police, politicians, and criminal groups in an exclusive interview with NIN and OCCRP-partner KRIK, published Thursday.

  • New Report Shows Democratic Backsliding in the Balkans

    Iron-fisted rulers are undermining state institutions and freedom of expression in the Western Balkans claims a report published on Wednesday by human rights watchdog Freedom House

  • Serbian President’s Brother Met With Infamous Criminal

    Newly revealed photos depict a friendly restaurant meeting between the influential brother of Serbia’s president and a notorious northern Kosovo underworld figure.


  • Disastrous Privatization by Influential Serbian Minister Goes Uninvestigated

    Nenad Popovic, a nationalist Serbian minister known for his ties to the Kremlin, took part in a dubious privatization that drove a major electrical transformer manufacturer into bankruptcy. Years later, no charges have been filed.


  • Serbia: New Criminal Policy will be Stricter than EU’s

    President Aleksander Vucic said on Saturday that Serbia will introduce “draconian” punishment for criminals who will no longer be able to view it as their sanctuary.

  • Serbian Businessman With Organized Crime Ties to Profit Big in Airport Deal

    Stanko Subotic, a businessman twice indicted for cigarette smuggling and known for his links to an alleged drug lord, is set to make millions from the expansion of Belgrade's airport.

    Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla airport. (Photo: KRIK)Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla airport. (Photo: KRIK)

  • Serbia's “Cocaine King” May Face Maximum Sentence

    Serbia’s prosecutor requested the maximum possible sentencefor the Balkan “Cocaine King”Darko Saric and his associates on Friday for allegedly smuggling tons of cocaine from South American countries to Europe.

  • Serbia’s CINS Considers Lawsuit Against Bosnian Serb Leader

    The Serbian Center for Investigative Journalism, CINS, will be considering its legal options regarding accusations made by the President of the Serb-controlled half of Bosnia who accused the organization and its editor-in-chief of “destroying regional political structures with money from international organizations.”

  • Court: Serbian Minister Must Return Illegally Acquired Land

    The Appellate Court in Belgrade upheld a verdict ordering former mayor and current Minister of Finance Sinisa Mali to return illegally acquired land back to the government, KRIK reported Thursday. 

  • Serbian Journalist Found, Details On Disappearance Elusive

    Serbian journalist Stefan Cvetkovic, who was reported missing on June 13 and was found two days later, said he will request an international investigation into what he claims was his abduction. Police, however, say his claims are false.

  • How Serbia’s Health Minister Helped a Criminal Avoid Trial

    Petar Panic, also known as “Pana,” is a one-eyed Serbian mobster with a rich criminal history and friends in the right places.

    Panic once served as a bodyguard for Vojislav Seselj, the leader of the ultra-nationalist Serbian Radical Party, who was recently convicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) for crimes against humanity.

    A new investigation by KRIK, a partner of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) shows the extent of Panic’s ties to Serbia’s powerful and controversial Minister of Health, Zlatibor Loncar.

    Loncar-Panic Credit: Edin Pasovic, OCCRP

  • Serbian Journalist Stefan Cvetkovic Reported Missing

    Serbian journalist Stefan Cvetkovic, known for criticizing local authorities, was reported missing Wednesday evening from the Vojvodina town of Bela Crkva in Serbia. His car was left running with the door open and the lights on.

  • A weekend in Rome with Belgrade Mayor Sinisa Mali

    Belgrade Mayor Sinisa Mali is living a life of luxury, flying business class and staying in sumptuous hotels. How he can afford it on his official salary is anyone’s guess.

    Sinisa Mali, the current (and likely future) mayor of Belgrade, appears to have had a lucrative time in office. Photo by OCCRP. Some rights reserved.Sinisa Mali, the current (and likely future) mayor of Belgrade, appears to have had a lucrative time in office. Photo by OCCRP. Some rights reserved.

  • Vice President of Serbian Parliament has “Car Mafia” P.I. as Business Associate

    The story begins with a stolen car. It ends -- according to a new investigation by KRIK, an OCCRP partner -- with a connection to Vladimir Marinkovic, a senior legislator and vice president of the Serbian National Assembly.

    KRIK reporter Dragana Peco speaks with V.B., a victim of the “stolen car ‘finders,’” who did not want his identity revealed for fear of retribution. (Photo: KRIK)KRIK reporter Dragana Peco speaks with V.B., a victim of the “stolen car ‘finders,’” who did not want his identity revealed for fear of retribution. (Photo: KRIK)

  • Serbia’s Corrupt Politicians Need not Fear the Prosecutor

    Serbia’s leading politicians are no strangers to being probed for their illicit wealth and shady financial dealings. Yet despite investigation after investigation by journalists and anti-corruption watchdogs (accompanied by page after page of evidence), the country’s prosecutors have shown a remarkable disinterest in taking action.

    Man passes by Serbia’s high court in Belgrade, Serbia November 14, 2017. Photo (c): Reuters / Djordje KojadinovicMan passes by Serbia’s high court in Belgrade, Serbia November 14, 2017. Photo (c): Reuters / Djordje Kojadinovic.

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