renato usatii

  • Moldova: Controversial Politician Renato Usatîi Released

    The leader of Moldova’s pro-Kremlin party “Our Party”, former businessman Renato Usatîi, was released from custody Sunday.

  • OCCRP Launches First Investigative Documentary

    killers incbOCCRP launches “Killers Inc.,” an  independently produced investigative documentary solely produced by OCCRP staff. The film is the result of a two-year, multi-country investigation examining a violent feud between businessmen connected to the Kremlin, and the criminal groups and assassins-for-hire tasked with settling their scores.

  • Moldova: Pro-EU Parties Lead Elections

    Preliminary results of Moldova’s Nov. 30 national elections show the outcome tipping toward parties in favor of closer ties with the European Union (EU) – if they can put aside their differences to form a coalition.

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