• Moldova: Pro-EU Parties Lead Elections

    Preliminary results of Moldova’s Nov. 30 national elections show the outcome tipping toward parties in favor of closer ties with the European Union (EU) – if they can put aside their differences to form a coalition.

  • Moldova: Pro-Russia Party Banned from Elections After OCCRP Expose

    Patria, a pro-Russian political party has been struck from the slate of upcoming parliamentary elections in Moldova by a ruling fromthe country's Appeals Court on Thursday.

    Renato Ustatii
    Renato Ustatii

    A decision to bar the party from the polls was reached after the emergence of surreptious recordings made by authorities of an interview between an OCCRP reporter and party leader, Renato Usatii, where he talked about his relationship with Russian state interests. He also made threats against the life of Russian banker German Gorbuntsov.

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