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  • The Rich and Powerful Cash In From Ukraine’s Green Energy Gold Rush

    Ukrainian politicians and their friends stand to reap a windfall from solar and wind energy projects, while ratepayers are at risk of paying drastically higher rates, OCCRP partner Bihus.info has found.

  • Questions Linger After Indictment in Slovak Journalist’s Murder

    A wealthy Slovak businessman is accused of ordering the murder of a Slovak journalist and his fiancee last year. But questions remain about what powerful former officials may have known.


  • Cement's Dirty Business

    In “Cement’s Dirty Business,” OCCRP journalists travel across Europe to show how Romania’s $750 million cement industry now runs largely on trash, sometimes smuggled in from foreign countries with little regard for health or safety.

    cements dirty business

  • The Troika Laundromat

    Laundromats are complex systems for moving money that allow corrupt politicians, organized crime figures, and wealthy businessmen to secretly invest their ill-gotten millions, launder money, evade taxes, and fulfill other goals.


  • The Cocaine Cowboys

    Calabrian expat Antonino Vadalà was already a wealthy man with a successful cattle business in Slovakia when he bought his way into the ‘Ndrangheta, Italy’s most powerful mafia, and opened a new cocaine-trafficking route into southern Europe. Here’s how he did it — and how the cops shut it down.

  • How Ján and Martina Died

    One year ago, a killer snuffed out the lives of an investigative journalist working on one of the biggest stories of his career and the woman he intended to marry. In day-by-day detail, OCCRP outlines how the assassinations transpired and what happened in the aftermath.

  • Unfinished Lives, Unfinished Justice

    One year ago, a former policeman slipped into the home investigative journalist Ján Kuciak shared with his fiancee, Martina Kušnírová, and shot them both at close range, authorities say.


  • Disastrous Privatization by Influential Serbian Minister Goes Uninvestigated

    Nenad Popovic, a nationalist Serbian minister known for his ties to the Kremlin, took part in a dubious privatization that drove a major electrical transformer manufacturer into bankruptcy. Years later, no charges have been filed.


  • OCCRP Strongly Objects to Romania’s Misuse of GDPR to Muzzle Media

    RISE Project, an award-winning investigative journalism outlet in Romania and OCCRP’s partner, was ordered Thursday by the Romanian Data Protection Authority (ANSPDCP) to reveal its sources under the threat of a fine of up to €20 million based on the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) directive 679/2016.


  • Serbian Businessman With Organized Crime Ties to Profit Big in Airport Deal

    Stanko Subotic, a businessman twice indicted for cigarette smuggling and known for his links to an alleged drug lord, is set to make millions from the expansion of Belgrade's airport.

    Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla airport. (Photo: KRIK)Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla airport. (Photo: KRIK)

  • Slovak Police Must Return Reporter’s Seized Phone Immediately

    Yesterday, Slovakia’s National Crime Agency seized a mobile phone belonging to our partner, investigative reporter Pavla Holcova from the Czech Center for Investigative Reporting.

    Czech investigative journalist Pavla Holcova. Credit: Aktuality.skCzech investigative journalist Pavla Holcova. Credit: Aktuality.sk

  • A weekend in Rome with Belgrade Mayor Sinisa Mali

    Belgrade Mayor Sinisa Mali is living a life of luxury, flying business class and staying in sumptuous hotels. How he can afford it on his official salary is anyone’s guess.

    Sinisa Mali, the current (and likely future) mayor of Belgrade, appears to have had a lucrative time in office. Photo by OCCRP. Some rights reserved.Sinisa Mali, the current (and likely future) mayor of Belgrade, appears to have had a lucrative time in office. Photo by OCCRP. Some rights reserved.

  • Amid Threats to Media Freedom in Europe, OCCRP Urges Support for Independent Media in Hungary

    The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) urges support for independent media in Hungary amid mounting threats to media freedom in Europe. OCCRP expresses a deep and growing concern for challenges journalists are facing in countries that call themselves democracies: from smear campaigns to the murder of journalists on European soil.

    Photo by Seth Fogelman on UnsplashPhoto by Seth Fogelman on Unsplash

  • The Daphne Project

    Six months ago, Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was brutally killed by a car bomb just meters from her home. The investigation into her killing is ongoing, but there is little doubt that she was murdered because of her work. With a brazen, unapologetic and uncompromising style, she denounced corruption, nepotism, clientelism, and all kinds of criminal behaviors in her tiny EU member state.

    The Forbidden Stories, OCCRPThe Forbidden Stories, OCCRP


  • Vice President of Serbian Parliament has “Car Mafia” P.I. as Business Associate

    The story begins with a stolen car. It ends -- according to a new investigation by KRIK, an OCCRP partner -- with a connection to Vladimir Marinkovic, a senior legislator and vice president of the Serbian National Assembly.

    KRIK reporter Dragana Peco speaks with V.B., a victim of the “stolen car ‘finders,’” who did not want his identity revealed for fear of retribution. (Photo: KRIK)KRIK reporter Dragana Peco speaks with V.B., a victim of the “stolen car ‘finders,’” who did not want his identity revealed for fear of retribution. (Photo: KRIK)

  • Senior Moldovan Judge’s Daughter Lived In Posh London Flat -- With Tainted Money

    The central London apartment where Mihaela Muruianu once lived.The central London apartment where Mihaela Muruianu once lived.

    The daughter of a top Moldovan judge lived large in London thanks to 1.6 million lei (US$ 130,000) that was channeled through two companies involved in the Russian Laundromat -- a massive money laundering scheme that pumped billions of dollars through Moldova from Russia.

  • The Faces of the Victims of Corruption

     Corruption is everywhere. An estimated $1 trillion is paid in bribes and another $2.6 trillion is stolen worldwide every year, according to the United Nations. These incredible sums make up five percent of the world’s economy. And they mostly come out of the pockets of the poorest of the more than seven billion inhabitants of our planet.

  • Miss Venezuela Pageant: Saints and Beauty Make Toxic Mix

    “For decades, a dark cloud of sorts has hovered over the country and reality has been tainted, what was once beautiful has become horrid, what was moral has become immoral. Miss Venezuela … could be no exception, it could not save itself from this plague. Nothing could.”

    Goodbye to Miss Venezuela, a novel by Francisco Suniaga

    The 2017 Miss Venezuela pageant. (Photo: EFE news agency)The 2017 Miss Venezuela pageant. (Photo: EFE news agency)

  • Statement from OCCRP on Government Attacks on KRIK.rs

    It has come to our attention that members of the current government have launched a smearing campaign against one of the members of our network.


  • Favoritism Shears Competitors in Georgian Sheep Industry

    Beka Gonashvili's love for Georgian folk music led him into the sheep export business nearly a decade ago. But he’s singing a sad song now, claiming that government-connected companies have driven him out of what had been a lucrative market.

    Herds of sheep in Georgia's mountainous Tusheti region (Photo: Studio Monitor)Herds of sheep in Georgia's mountainous Tusheti region. (Photo: Studio Monitor)

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