North Macedonia

  • Uncertain Diagnosis: The Murky Global Market for Coronavirus Antibody Tests

    For several days in late March, North Macedonian citizen Rodzer Zekirovski had all the symptoms of COVID-19: a high fever, aching muscles, and a dry cough. But he couldn’t manage to get a lab test at a state hospital.

  • North Macedonia Singles Out Roma Musicians for Quarantine

    Although authorities in Skopje announced that citizens of North Macedonia being repatriated from Romania and Bulgaria will have to be quarantined for two weeks in special facilities, only a group of Roma ended up in army barracks while everybody else was allowed to go home.

  • Oiling Orbán’s Propaganda Machine

    An ally of Viktor Orbán is suspected of greasing the Hungarian Prime Minister’s propaganda machine in the Balkans by using dubious ads for trinkets and olive oil to inject more than 3.2 million euros into fawning media outlets.

  • US Warns Balkans of Chinese Encroachment

    US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned North Macedonia of Chinese encroachment in the Balkans, citing bribery and exploitative investments as impending threats in a Friday speech before North Macedonian government officials.

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