• CEO of Namibia’s State-Owned Fishing Company Suspended In Corruption Probe

    Namibia’s state-owned fishing company has suspended its chief executive following media reports that government officials had taken bribes in exchange for the multimillion-dollar fishing rights to horse mackerel, Reuters reported.

  • Icelandic Firm Gave Bribes for Fishing Rights in Namibia

    Norwegian DNB bank is investigating information in documents released by Wikileaks raising questions about how a  leading Islandic fishing company Samherji gained access to fishing grounds off the African coast,Reuters reported Wednesday.

  • French CEO Charged for Shady Deals in Namibia

    Corruption charges against former head of French energy conglomerate Areva in regards to a corporate acquisition have also revealed potential illicit payments made to a Namibian mining company and the country’s president.

  • Rhinos Wanted – Dead or Alive

    Major gaps between South African and Namibian legislation that regulates the endangered species trade allowed for the sale of at least 13 white rhino bulls from a South African game park to a Russian big game hunting outfit in Namibia. Nine of these rhinos were found to have died.

    An adult and baby rhino at Kruger National Park in South Africa. (Photo: Violator1, Flickr)An adult and baby rhino at Kruger National Park in South Africa. (Photo: Violator1, Flickr)

  • Felling Namibia’s Ancient Giants

    Ancient hardwood trees in Namibia’s Caprivi State Forest are being poached by a controversial Chinese businessman who’s exploiting legal loopholes the government won’t close.

    Felled trees in the Caprivi State Forest. (Credit: John Grobler)Felled trees in the Caprivi State Forest. (Credit: John Grobler)

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