Mihajlo Perenčević

  • Sanctioned Croatian Businessman Secretly Bankrolled Croatian Tourist Developer

    New documents confirm previous investigations byOštro and OCCRP that Mihajlo Perenčević, a Croatian businessman sanctioned due to his important strategic business in Russia, has extensive financial ties to a major Croatian tourism developer with a portfolio of property and assets worth some 200 million euros (US$207.95 million).

  • UK Designates Croatian Businessman for Supporting Russia

    The U.K. government added last week a Croatian businessman to its list of persons and companies designated over the war in Ukraine and support for the regime in Moscow.

  • A Tale of Two Brothers and A Croatian Island

    For years, Croatians have been in the dark about who owns a major company called Jadranka, the leading tourism developer on the Adriatic island of Lošinj. New documents reveal it to be controlled by the family of Mihajlo Perenčević, president of the Russian pipeline constructor Velesstroy.


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