Journalist murdered

  • Attacks on Media Workers in Russia on the Rise

    Fourteen media workers have been murdered in Russia since the beginning of 2017, ananalysis by the London-based Justice for Journalists Foundation (JFJ) said on Monday, marking the 13th anniversary of the murder of Novaya Gazeta journalist, Anna Politkovskaya.

  • Gambian Officer Says Ex-President Ordered Murder of Journalist

    For nearly fifteen years, the banner on the front page of one of Gambia’s daily newspapers, The Point, has asked the same question each morning: Who killed Deyda Hydara? 

    An answer was finally delivered at a Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission session on Monday, when an officer from the Gambia Armed Forces admitted to having belonged to the killing squad that murdered one of Gambia’s most respected journalists on the orders of former president Yahya Jammeh.

  • The Sixth Journalist is Killed in Mexico This Year

    Mexican journalist Norma Sarabia Garduza, who reported on organized crime in the country’s southeast Tabasco State, was murdered Tuesday evening in front of her home in the city of Huimanguillo, the State Attorney confirmed. Norma Sarabia is the sixth journalist killed in Mexico this year.

  • Third Mexican Journalist Assassinated this Year

    A Mexican journalist who reported on organized crime and drug gangs was shot dead on Friday at his home in northern Sonora state. He became the third reporter murdered in the country this year.

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