invasion of privacy

  • G7 Imposes a Gold Ban Against Russia

    G7 nations announced this week a ban on all future Russian gold imports, in order to apply pressure to President Vladimir Putin’s regime as his invasion of Ukraine now enters its fifth month.

  • Russian Tankers Go Dark Out at Sea to Circumvent Sanctions

    Russian oil and chemical tankers are disabling their on-board automated identification systems (AIS), thereby keeping authorities in the dark as to their whereabouts while at sea. The move is seen as an attempt by Russia to circumvent international sanctions brought about by the country’s invasion of Ukraine last month.

  • Israel’s Knesset Suspends COVID-19 Cellphone Surveillance

    An oversight committee of the Israeli parliament suspended on Wednesday a decision that was allowing police to use cellphone data to track the movement of coronavirus infected people as part of the country’s efforts to enforce the lockdown.

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