• Serbia: Informer Fined for Smearing OCCRP Editor

    A Belgrade court ordered the owner of the Serbian daily ‘Informer’ to pay 80,000 Dinars (US$ 835) to the chief editor of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, OCCRP, for tarnishing his honor in an article from March 2016.

  • Serbia: Government-Friendly Tabloid Continues Attacking Independent Media

    Monday's front page of the Serbian pro-government tabloid Informer renewed attacks on independent news organizations, accusing them of being “liars and racketeers” paid by the European Union and the US.

  • Bread and Circuses: How Connected is Serbia's Most Watched TV Channel?


    Two contracts, published by the Serbian Center for Investigative Journalism (CINS) on Monday, illustrate how generous a Serbian government agency has been in providing financial aid to a local private TV channel mostly known for running reality shows, telenovelas and “American Idol”-type singing competitions. The highly popular, privately owned TV Pink, watched daily by millions of people in the Balkans, has also been a platform for government-friendly propaganda.

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