human rights abuses

  • Impact: Fiji Opposition Calls For Scrutiny of Grace Road’s Operations

    Opposition parties in Fiji have called for an official inquiry into the operations of the Grace Road Church after OCCRP revealed that the sect, accused of various human rights abuses, has used state loans to build its business empire on the archipelago.

  • Australia Sanctions 39 Russians Under Magnitsky Laws

    Australia sanctioned 39 Russians over their alleged links to corruption uncovered by Ukrainian-born Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky as well as those who appear to have been involved in his mistreatment and death in a Moscow prison in 2009.

  • The U.S. to Consider Naming Kleptocrats and Human Rights Abusers

    A new bill introduced last week to the Congress could allow the United States to publish the names of human rights abusers and kleptocrats who are banned from entering the country. The bill aims to burst the culture of confidentiality which currently prevents the public from knowing who has been sanctioned this way and for what.

  • Switzerland Imposes Sanctions on Belarus President Lukashenko

    Switzerland’s federal government has extended sanctions on Friday against Belarus by freezing assets and imposing a travel ban against its leader, Alexander Lukashenko, over his government’s oppressive crackdown following contested presidential elections.

  • Shady Companies Receive Billions in UK Bailout Funds

    In an effort to take the United Kingdom out of one of the deepest recessions of any major economy following the pandemic, the country’s government has injected billions in public funds into corporations embroiled in financial and human rights scandals, Vice reported on Tuesday.

  • Israel Upholds Spyware Firm’s Export Licence

    A court in Israel has refused to revoke the export license of a spyware company accused of facilitating human rights violations in Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and the UAE.

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