film festival

  • Thai Official Sentenced to 50 years for Film Festival Corruption

    The former governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Juthamas Siriwan, 70, was sent behind bars for 50 years for taking bribes from U.S. filmmakers in return for contracts to host the Bangkok International Film Festival, media reported Wednesday.

  • Those Who Sew Do Not Reap Profit

    LC Waikiki, a fast-growing Turkish apparel company, opens another new store in Tbilisi. Poorly paid workers in the Georgian city of Kutaisi produce LC Waikiki clothing.

    By Nino Bakradze

    You don’t have to go to Southeast Asia to find sweatshops where workers toil under harsh conditions to make clothing for rich Western consumers.  A reporter for the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) posing as a textile worker found such conditions in the Republic of Georgia.

    Conditions are ripe for abuse in the country of 4-plus million which has no separate labor ministry, no labor inspectors, and an embarrassingly low minimum wage, yet OCCRP found two Kutaisi textile factories that manage to break what labor laws do exist.

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