• Police Bust ‘Clandestine’ Cocaine Factory in Rotterdam

    Dutch police shut down an industrial-sized cocaine lab, seized more than 3.4 million euros (US$4.1 million) in cash and arrested nine suspects during several raids in Rotterdam, law enforcement reported on Friday.

  • U.K. Drug Traffickers Sentenced in Latest EncroChat Bust

    Four users of the encrypted communications platform EncroChat have been sentenced for drug trafficking in the U.K., following a National Crime Agency (NCA) investigation stemming from the decoding of messages on the once-secured phone system.

  • UK Police Dismantles Dark Web Drug Ring

    British authorities said they have seized drugs worth 4.3 million pounds (nearly US$6 million) from suspected members of a criminal network that sold MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy, amphetamines and other narcotics on the dark web.

  • Dutch Police Discover Secret Prison with Torture Chamber

    Dutch police arrested six men after they discovered six containers that were turned into prison cells and the seventh into a torture chamber equipped with a dentist chair with belts on arms and foot supports, pliers, knives and other utensils meant to cause pain.

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