• Iraq’s Troubled School Building Lesson

    Over a decade ago, Iraq’s Education Ministry launched an ambitious project to build 1,700 new schools. A billion dollars in public funds were spent, but few were ever completed. Now with a new plan to build 7,000 more, it's not clear the government has learned its lesson.


  • Court Summons Cambodian Exam Whistleblower

    A student who was accused of defamation for broadcasting claims that Cambodian Ministry of Justice officials took up to US$3 million in bribes to hand out passes in magistrate exams was questioned for a whole day at a Phnom Penh court late last week.

  • Fiji to Teach Schoolchildren to Recognize and Resist Corruption

    Alongside their English, History, and Social Studies classes, Fiji’s 9 to 18-year-olds will soon be learning about integrity and the importance of recognizing and resisting corruption, as part of the Pacific island’s push to immunize an entire generation to nepotism and graft. 

  • Corruption Plagues Afghanistan's Education System

    As another school year begins in Afghanistan, the country continues to face insecurity, an epidemic of corruption within its education system and old customs that keep many students and qualified teachers away from classrooms.

  • Diplomas Don’t Make the Grade

    georgia_university For more than 1,200 students in the Republic of Georgia, it sounds like a good deal. Go to school for four years and earn a degree from a university in Ukraine – without ever leaving Georgia.

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