• Suzuki-related Premises in Europe Raided over Emission Scandal

    Authorities in Germany, Italy and Hungary have searched on Wednesday the premises of  Japanese car producer Suzuki and its suppliers, looking for evidence of the use of emission devices that provided fake readings and made it look as if the cars met European Union regulations.

  • Law Firm Sues Fiat Chrysler in Dieselgate Fraud

    A top U.K. and global law firm confirmed Thursday that it is filing a lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) for up to half million of its vehicles sold in the U.K. and believed to be equipped with illegal emissions-cheating devices.

  • Dieselgate: Former Audi Executive on Trial

    The ex-CEO of a world-renowned German car manufacturer will this week become the first of the company’s former executives to stand trial over the Dieselgate emissions-cheating scandal.

  • German Court: Former VW CEO to Stand Trial in Dieselgate Case

    A German court announced on Wednesday that formerVolkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn and four other ex-employees will face the judge for their role in the so-called ‘dieselgate’ scandal in which the car producer was caught cheating on emission tests.

  • Germany Charges Audi Executives in Dieselgate Scandal

    Germans prosecutors pressed on Thursday fraud charges against three former board members and a retired senior employee of the automobile manufacturer Audi for being involved in the manipulation of engines to make them appear spewing less harmful pollutants.

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